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OK, I'm trying my hand at mapping....

Blood Willow

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Yay! Thanks Luke! I'll send you the download link soon. Gotta' pick music for it, and make sure I got all the collision and layers done properly :D

And will please explain what you mean by 'stiff' Frag? O.o I don't get it. But constructive criticism is a good thing, so please tell me, and I'll try to use the advice in my next map :P

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Guest Melphina Micaela
On 3/14/2018 at 12:19 PM, Blood Willow said:

Hmmmm, I see I cant look here for old reminders of what i used to do :p Guess i'll have to go find the screenshots :p


If you find anything let me know!

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3 hours ago, Blood Willow said:

Not yet ? And I doesnt has that puter no more ?

Bummer. If I find any old map files in my archive I'll post em here. I know I had a handful of maps from you and a few others that me and Luke had ready to add, but never pushed the update so the maps ultimately lead to never being released... That was fun, letting people chime in their two cents and let em see their creations get added so others can play around in it too. ? I think Luke's TheWorld was the best Chat MMO ever released out of all of the "[TheWorld]: Chat" games. Even better than CyberConnects source code rip off of the original .hack chat client. I forget what the damn thing was called. @hawthorneluke wasn't it .hack//link or something? The original .hack fangame that came from the Japanese communities, if you remember. If not, then plz leave a comment telling us what your favorite Japanese cuisine is

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