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  1. i had: Villager Inn Manager Shi-Sui Cloud Strife The Pickle Man
  2. More specifically, you know that character that d/cs you :D, and has no name :P? Well she deleted all my characters :P.
  3. My account now only has this, and that blank character :D, for some reason ???, so yeah. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. :P
  4. Morrigu Barrow Wall is tiny! :D
  5. Pretty crazy series lol. :D But remember: [tt]DON'T PANIC[/tt] And: So long and thanks for all the fish!
  6. Looks like apeiron has a job to do now lol.
  7. Someone on another forum (had been my 1st time being on a forum in my life btw) posted this video. Shortly after, I thought the video was so good that I couldn't stop watching it XD. Enjoy! (btw, I did not make this video of course lol)
  8. I'm not as active due to school, but still active. :-
  9. Sorry, and yes, it's SDH or unless someone has a Christmas Map made which we can use. Fragment has one! He showed it to me, saying that he would ask Luke about getting it in the game.
  10. Umm... Luke, I think she's confusing us with cyberconnects >_<.
  11. O.O I saw Aura in SDH ???, with frostbite ???.
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