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OK, I'm trying my hand at mapping....

Blood Willow

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mostly because it wont hurt if you get it :D and mappers have a tendency of dissapearing after a few maps >.>

>.> <.< What?! i donts want 2 disappear! OH NOES....

well im just started the map making lol and its going pretty well and i gots some ideas lol (i end every sentence with lol) AHHH i did it again!

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OK, so I have finally started making a map on my mans comp :D Much better then my POS.

Here is what I have so-far.


But the Map maker is giving me issues >.>

The Depths tab isn't doing shit no more. It doesn't what Depth I'm on, I can delete everything down to the greyness. If I try to put clouds behind my trees (Tree-tops are Just Above player, and my clouds are on Extreme Base), the clouds STILL go on top of my trees. I had to delete all my tree-tops to put my clouds in and then put my tree-tops back. I mean, I have still been changing the depths, but it just has no effect. I even re-made this map 3 times, to the point you see above. No difference. Any idea what that's about?

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Nothing's wrong with it, it's very nice ^^

But I mean, apart from that sand garden and the same tree over and over (once again, not your fault), there's nothing else (well except the grass >_< lol)

I'm sure if it was a garden even just completely focused on sakura trees and the sad garden, there's naturally be some other things here and there?

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