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  1. Played and completed FF7R 😄 Been quite some time since seriously playing anything, glad I did! And 4 years! Yatta!
  2. Been watching lets plays of FF7 remake, think it should be something I experience myself, as it's such a huge cultural piece and I've not really played it before, but I'd have to get a ps4 first and with ps5 coming out end of this year? and saving up for a house atm so.. 😧
  3. I thought we were already playing Resident Evil 3?
  4. Oooo, need to try out the bravely default 2 demo saying that
  5. downloaded and played a bit of wargroove last night, sensing some fun advanced wars like times (was reminded how bad voice acting can be as well lol) game called "satisfactory"'s got my attention too (no idea how that person really would be able to see with that helmet and tiny field of view visor, or how they're supposed to hover with all the rockets faced in the same direction that isn't straight down. Obviously they're going for looks over how things really would work, which is fine, but with it being an engineering game.............................................................................................................. lol)
  6. Just went ahead and got the game everyone's talking about. Catan.
  7. Awesome choice Crim 😄 And those tunes are pretty sweet gm 😮
  8. Bravely Default's an FF4 without the FF chains, I think (not played FF4 lol, but is that the one that went nuts with the jobs and did it well? as if so then yeah that's what BD could be called a spiritual successor of) Atmosphere and everything real nice, story simple but not in a bad way and characters really good and fun, who make the entire story/journey worthwhile, gameplay actually real fun too. I spent over 10 hours on just the demo in one tiny area. So everything up until where I got to is great really, but I put it down for no reason other than time and thanks to that haven't picked it up since 😞 But apparently the stuff after where I put it down isn't too great, so it goes from pretty much great all around up to a point (quite far in, but I have no idea how much I had left) and then leaves you with not too great stuff, or so it seems, so you see people that have finished the game not be as positive about the game as I am lol Never played Chrono Trigger though :x
  9. Manual of course :p Tyres are dunlop direzza ziii, cheap for their class but man do they grip well, and are incredibly easy to understand. Oversteered a few times, but each time it wasn't anything I had to react to at all really, the car just found grip again right away. Also had no problems going over curbs too, before that would have lead to me going quite sideways lol Managed to knock off about 1.5s from a 47s lap time while trying to use my brakes in a new way I'm not used to (keeping my foot on the brake a little bit through the corner to keep weight on the front wheels to let me get around faster instead of trying too hard and then understeering), so all in all it went pretty well :D Need to sort out some proper suspension now. Car might as well be a bus as it is lol tuturu~
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