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  1. This thread, specifically, was directed at people I know, or know me, through the hundreds, and hundreds of hours I've spent working alongside Luke and gm, and even the long absent Rutao on various projects simply because I wanted to aid in this community reaching new heights. I wouldn't even class it as a genuine advert, it was an invitation to come check things out, combined with the generic message that was posted on facebook for friends and family. Backing was really just a word that seemed to fit what I was trying to say and was intended to imply that I was given a ton of stuff by Riot t
  2. Hey! Thanks buddy. I guess with gaming as a passion and PC Gaming going the direction it is, doing something like this just made sense. gm and I had also tossed around the idea for working on an achievement system for SNES roms, however due to time constraints on both of our behalves, and an estimated completion time of 1yr or so due to complexity, the idea was (at least temporarily) shelved. I decided that in order to better understand the programming side of things I'd study some programming myself, and started with java, which combined with my interest in LoL and the MOBA genre in general
  3. I really have no idea what you base calling my advertising practices "shady" on... I wanted to share what I was doing with a community that would be interested. (A community I used to help administer.) I commend you on trying to do detective work for the GDU community, but you've honestly got it all wrong... That thread above that you linked is from the official wKG (WhiteKnight Gaming) LoL team and has no relation to the event which I am running, other than the fact that I am also the one who founded the team to begin with. They bump it constantly as 10 minutes after it is bumped, it falls t
  4. [[Template core/front/statuses/statusContainer is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  5. Hey everyone. I recently opened (about 2 hours ago.) with the backing of Riot Games a new community site based on incentivizing gameplay. Tons of prizes and all kinds of fun stuff so be sure to check it out! Or at the very least, click the "like" at the top of the page! Don't be strangers. Here's the full writeup; http://www.whiteknight-gaming.com Today WhiteKnight Gaming proudly opens it's doors to family, friends, and friends of friends for our soft opening. This is a project I have been working on for quite some time and recent negotiations have allowed me to launch with a great amount o
  6. By all means if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Luke did a great job of summarizing everything so I don't really have too much to add. One thing that people cannot underestimate is the amount of work required to go into something like this. A 3 man cell like we had working on it requires an absolutely ungodly amount of hours to even get to the point that we were at. Intermitent to our work we all have personal lives as well, and they can be even MORE busy and crazy than the amount of hours required for work to be put in. What came of this was a great experience for us, and at the
  7. Oi oi. A pleasure working with you as always my dear chums. Looks and functions absolutely wonderful. A special hats off to gm for his infinite patience. Situations that are as simple as pointing to a screen if we were standing next to one another, easily become trial and error situations that require absolutely immaculate descriptions and specifications in order to convey exactly what we're trying to get across. In the end, we constantly exceed our own expectations. So 3 cheers for gm, for his dedication, and another 3 cheers for Luke for his support and making this whole thing even possible
  8. Leave me a message in the forum inbox if you need any graphics done for the new themes and I'll get them done asap. I'm not sure how transferable themes and whatnot are to new forum versions that's not in my wheelhouse. So if they can't be transitioned over to the new version, or even if you just want something new, let me know. At the very least I can put some graphics together for a new "theworld" theme since people seem to want that back. Basically anything you want done graphic wise, just let me know. I'll make it happen.
  9. When attempting to edit a post, the following error message now appears; [#103118] We could not determine which topic you were attempting to moderate.
  10. Oi oi! So when I picked up my new laptop not too long ago, I also began playing a game that I'm sure many of you are now familiar with due to its' growing popularity. That's right, I started playing League of Legends (LoL). Right now I'm about level 16 and I find myself playing pretty frequently, when I'm not busy with the real-life, or playing something else. As usual, I find myself thinking, what could be better than sharing// playing this with the community. Playing with people you know rather than random brigands is just so much more enjoyable words can barely explain. For those of you
  11. Yeah, I agree, It'd also be nice if posts were separated by a line that was the same color as the line that separates threads. Again esthetic, but just makes viewing a little easier.
  12. Nice, the new layout looks really good. For the "Recent Status Updates" portion, it might not hurt to have the poster user names bolded, just to prevent it from kind of all blending together. It's purely esthetic, but it'll clean it up a little bit.
  13. I loved Grandia 2! I also played Skies of Arcadia, but only briefly and thought it was awesome. I'm going to throw up another "Let's Play" for the community here in a second. I figure it never hurts to have some variety. : )
  14. Heh, I've been enjoying the game quite a bit, despite only playing solo so far. Last night I was playing until about 5am EST. I've only hit level 8, and from what I understand it goes up to level 200 so I have a LONG way to go. I might post a few screenshots a little later today once I hop on to play. If any of you start playing just let me know and we'll get together.
  15. I played a little bit last night by myself, and even though I was solo, it was still a lot of fun. I especially liked that the combos were timing based, it was pretty refreshing. I chose to play as a HUcast, as they kind of resemble the mechs from Evangelion. I only made it to level 5, and I'm looking forward to hopping online to get a few more levels a little later this evening.
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