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  1. I spent most of my time creating characters... Anyway... Yes, I'm pretty excited. Mostly because I want the character creator in the new game. I can admit this.
  2. I haven't played magic in a long time... So all I remember is I play red-white.
  3. I grew up on Phantasy Star Universe. That, and City of Heroes... But mostly Phantasy Star Universe.
  4. Ah... Nostalgia... Anyway, there's gonna be a new one. It looks cool. They were showing off boob sliders and the ability to jump and gigantic mega parties. Maybe they'll succeed at the impossible and make virtual men not look ridiculous... Yeah right. When pigs fly!
  5. Rag dolls FTW. :blushing:
  6. Haseo-dono

    ban game

    I HATE that game! :superangry: EVERYBODY LOSES NOW!!! :uptonogood:
  7. Building an underwater robot. Tired.

  8. I like Yumeiro patissiere, .hack SIGN (Legend of the Twilight sucked, roots was okay, and I haven't seen liminality), Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and Bleach (I've heard many comments about how much it sucks. I watched one of the more recent episodes and agreed... )
  9. Banned for caring whether or not someone is a rotten fish!
  10. You can find the keywords on the boards... I think.... Anyway, to get past the stairs, if you can't get past 'em, just auto-walk past 'em.
  11. Mine's Corbenik. But I like Skeith too... Of course, my in-game character is Skeith(Essentially, of course)
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