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  1. Post for november 28th 2020! playing some ac! Wow very awesome, good to hear geem, especially that it feels like home. I decided to make a new years resolution to finally try and move out on my own by the end of next year. Gonna try and see what i need to do in regards to bills and rent and stuff to try and make it work. Gotta get onto that saving!
  2. post for november 26th 2020! happy thanksgiving everyone! played ac today!
  3. Post for november 25th 2020! played ac today! Thanks geem. Sucks about Amazon, did you get it sorted?
  4. Post for November 24th 2020! It's my brothers birthday! Played some AC!
  5. post for november 23rd 2020! played ac again Thanks geem-san pretty interesting!
  6. post for november 22nd 2020! played ac again! yep a lot better thanks geem.
  7. post for november 21st 2020! played some ac!
  8. post for november 20th 2020! played ac! just disappointed that i got angry and hit something. that's a great way to think about it geem.
  9. post for november 19th 2020! played ac gave into my anger today and hit something, i felt disappointed in myself.
  10. post for november 18th 2020! played ac! same crimmy!
  11. post for november 17th 2020! played some ac!
  12. post for november 15th 2020! played more ac!
  13. post for november 15th 2020! played ac again!
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