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  1. post for july 6th 2020! played some ac and a little xenoblade! It does katie.
  2. post for july 5th 2020! played some ac and xenoblade!
  3. post for july 4th 2020! happy 4th 0f july all! played some ac and xenoblade!
  4. post for june 30th 2020! played some ac and ff7r.
  5. post for june 29th 2020! played a little ac. tired. katie is katie.
  6. post for june 27th 2020! played some ac
  7. post for june 26th 2020! played some ac!
  8. post for june 25th 2020! played some ac made some bells.
  9. post for june 24th 2020! played a little of ac.
  10. post for june 23rd 2020 played some ac!
  11. post for june 22nd 2020! played more ac and xenoblade
  12. post for june 21st 2020! getting more bells in ac! getting farther in xenoblade! ding ding geem!
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