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  1. 😮 You're right. I just wanted to play a version with cartoony graphics, though
  2. Resident Evil 3 remake released today ;o ...so, I'll be playing that. Excited. Haha you'll have plenty of time to knock that out now. Especially with the way things are right now. How is everyone doing?
  3. This has been brought back online! After 10 years of downtime. https://theworld.gd-u.com/game/The World.exe
  4. russian scammer be like cyka cyka blyat
  5. FEESHURE. We suffered a hack and lost your post. Can we get a re-enactment?
  6. He hime ya he hime yo

  7. Been awhile since I been here. How's everyone doing?
  8. I summon @FISSURE aka Katie back to the forums
  9. FISSURE for president. Nutmeg for Vice President. YATA
  10. Same here, basically! Moved to Dallas and have been basically just workin away, livin life, and enjoying it same as you. Excited for the new Pokemon that's coming out later this year. Oh, and Death Stranding! But man, honestly.. Anime has been sloooooowwww in 2019. We need something new lol.
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