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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, buddy 🙂 I'm moving into a new apartment today. It's kind of a special move, because I've been in limbo for a long time. I had my own apartment last year, but it didn't feel like home. This time, it does feel like I've finally found home.
  2. Happy Birthday to FISSURE-san's brother-sama! ^_^ I've been fighting with Amazon all day cause their shit is broke today. hime hime hime And been playing GTA Online and Minecraft with someone HIME. pingas Also, haven't had the urge to smoke weed so I guess I just quit without realizing it lol.
  3. I feel you, FISSURE. And I'm sorry you're going through so much right now. The feeling of anger can consume the mind. Why do you feel disappointed in yourself? We're here for ya. I've been doing a lot of meditating today, and I just wanted to vent some thoughts onto here. Basically, I have had a terrible mindset when it comes to living. I let myself fall into the trap of chasing fleeting happiness and instant gratification, rather than looking at what was always in front of me. The life I have, is a miracle, and it is one of the best gifts anyone has given to me.
  4. Ah, dude. She moving far away? You can maybe stay in touch... And, there's someone for everyone, FISSURE-san. Keep your chin up!! What was she like? Did you work with her?
  5. ❤️ I couldn't agree more. This is so not nutmeg!!!
  6. Hello User FISSURE-san What are your thoughts on the world today
  7. hi im back again with some baby back ribs actually, i dont have baby back ribs just wanted to come and say hi to my friend FISSURE-san
  8. Played SMITE today. HACK THE PLANET!!!!!
  9. We should play together, dude. I just woke up! hime
  10. I've been making random mixes of songs. Sharing here cause why not lol
  11. You have been assigned a new quest. "Sleep a whole day away" Good luck
  12. every reply from FISSURE-san feels like a lesson in the dojo
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