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  1. I'm working on stuff this weekend. Organizing my mess of stuff!! First and foremost lol. And, I'm coding game logic to handle walking on a "fixed" path (like a board game type of thing).
  2. Heya. Can't seem to sleep normally anymore! lol Wait. I lied. I never sleep normally! lmao
  3. Busy weekend ahead! Been having some success with finding motivation. Also, I'm feeling confident about therapy. If there's anything I look forward to, its just being the me I always was, but struggled to be. Hope you're doing okay, FISSURE.
  4. Nice, you get more bells in AC? Thanks buddy. First session down, second one later this week
  5. Trying therapy. I went once before, but I gave up before really trying because I felt too forced and I didn't feel ready. Now I feel ready.
  6. Thanks buddy! No more floor gang for me. https://discord.gg/gNJNxYP Here's the discord link! Should come join us!!
  7. Hey Miyamoto-san, why haven't you joined our Discord yet, you dick
  9. I'm pushing myself to getting more things done! I picked up my bed and finally put it onto my bed frame that I had built a month ago
  10. Holy shit, it is 2021. Wow, FISSURE. We're in the future, truly
  11. Hey Miyamoto-san, what do you think naughtysonic.mp4
  12. I saw immortals fenyx recently, was thinking about getting it. Interesting. hime hime hime.
  13. You're fine, Miyamoto-sama ^_^ What game?? And man, I gotta say, getting clothes for Christmas is honestly awesome lmao. Pls gimmie. As for me, I didn't really do anything besides code stuff! I bought a lot of gifts. I took half of this week off so I can have more time to work on that waifu game. Been listening to this just now, and its making me feel nostalgic. ;( Miss a lot of people who used to come here.
  14. FISSURE, what are you looking forward to for Christmas?
  15. That's one hell of a compliment, man. I was just speaking my feelings haha. So I'm going to post a demo of a game I've been working on very soon. It requires online play, so ya. There's going to be a bunch of Waifus and Husbandos for everyone to choose from 🙂
  16. Sorry about the SSL issues. Fixed. And, thank you, FISSURE. In trying times, calls for trying measures, and you must grow to flourish beyond what has come against you.
  17. I am. Just focusing on myself, being confident and being as happy as I possibly can be. Maybe that will wheel her back in idk. I'm also doing it for my own well-being, because I have no idea how things will play out. Ultimately, I just want everyone to be happy.
  18. Girl I'm talking to fell for her ex. LOL and said we're on break now. Who knows whats gonna happen.
  19. annnnnddd... my heart just got blown up by a nuclear bomb. oof.
  20. hime hime hime. I'm working on some design docs right now
  21. Feel that. Been playing GTA Online a lot with someone I'm in an unofficial relationship with lol.
  22. Happy Thanksgiving, buddy 🙂 I'm moving into a new apartment today. It's kind of a special move, because I've been in limbo for a long time. I had my own apartment last year, but it didn't feel like home. This time, it does feel like I've finally found home.
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