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  1. i c ic. What have you been workin on in AC? I gotta say, I love coming here. Even if it's your daily, FISSURE-san. It's peaceful.
  2. Omg ❤️ Luke!! Thank you. How are you? : D You know - it's funny, I logged onto TheWorld today because Wally and I ended up adding the CEO of CyberConnect2 on Facebook as a meme. He accepted us both. So, I blew up the birthday cake for old time's sake lol. YATA! ❤️ Thank you, FISSURE. Which console do you think will do better this gen? I'm basically PC and Switch only, so as far as the console wars, I'm kind of ignorant to what's goin on
  3. It was my birthday on the 29th. yay! Did you have fun playing AC?
  4. Surprisingly, a lot of this content has remained relevant. I should continue this series.
  5. I bet you're close to 100%ing Xenoblade. And thank you, YATA-san! ^_^ It's motivating.
  6. Hahaha. Nice. Show us your town! Here's a quarentine pic. https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=3377839842260082&set=a.125129420864490 Also, I've been busy. My game engine known as Saturn, is open source, and finally has live builds! Everytime I push changes to the source control, it updates the test bed. Right now, I just have code I rewrote from threejs to Saturn, just as an experiment. https://bluedreamers.gitlab.io/saturn/#E400FF210#hime
  7. Tired? Of what, FISSURE? This isn't you, is it?
  8. Stay safe, FISSURE. Martial law declared where I live.
  9. omg Luke. That song. It's so damn catchy!!! Also, I wanna play FF7R. It looks amazing! Everyone I know loved it. What're your thoughts? Have you been busy? Whatchya collecting bells for, YATA?! Where's Katie? As for me, I got something awesome in the mail today. HIME
  10. o ya happy 4 year posting anniversary, Miyamoto-san ^_^ yata!
  11. Haven't posted in awhile because I've been busy as hell with projects. What'd you do in AC today, Miyamoto-san? Also, song for good measure uwu
  12. YATA! FISSURE-san, why did you invent the bicycle kick?
  14. But what about Katie? Also, what are your thoughts on Mario 64 getting ported to PC, Miyamoto-san?
  15. miyamoto, how do I do bicycle kick? pls halp
  16. Still coding, surprisingly. It's 5:14am. The sun is rising soon. I await @FISSURE's reply. FISSURE is my nakama-sama. He always will be. He also knows the Tragic of Katie. Who is Katie?
  17. Nice, Yata! What activity are you currently doing in AC, FISSURE? Today I spent time working on a rewrite of RPG Maker VX's game engine. Cause, y not. Also, still debating on buying ps4 for FF7R.
  18. but if katie, then why katie show us your house, yata-sama
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