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  1. Been awhile since I been here. How's everyone doing?
  2. I summon @FISSURE aka Katie back to the forums
  3. FISSURE for president. Nutmeg for Vice President. YATA
  4. Same here, basically! Moved to Dallas and have been basically just workin away, livin life, and enjoying it same as you. Excited for the new Pokemon that's coming out later this year. Oh, and Death Stranding! But man, honestly.. Anime has been sloooooowwww in 2019. We need something new lol.
  5. Hey FISSURE, how's the new job comin?
  6. Yeah, you just want to chill when you're working regularly, hah. You will be building communication skills, among other things like working. Management in time, organizing tasks, etc all come into play as well. And you know, appearance isn't everything, FISSURE. Just keep putting yourself out there and you will find someone who appreciates you for being simply you. It's good you're doing well! You should also show off your Pikachu lolol
  7. Hey FISSURE! Sorry that I've been inactive from posting here as well. Been busy. So how's the job? Has it impacted you with gaming? Hey Crim! You beat Fractured Butthole yet? @Crim Also this guy is a troll ---> @Walnut
  8. Hey FISSURE, are you from S. Korea? Cause there's a FISSURE on the Seoul Overwatch Team
  9. gm112


    Posting here as a reminder to fix the server before it blows up again. 😞 We had another server explosion about a month ago, don't want dat happening again.
  10. ❤️ Stand by me, my little troll edit: possible jojo reference?
  11. Woo, seems like it took ya a day to work through the spirit temple! How has everything been, Miyamoto-chan? I've been looking around for some indie horror games to try out, because its been a long time. And today I've fished through my Genki books and printed out their hiragana stroke order charts as a way to get me back into studying Himenese lol
  12. I'll be getting a switch probably soon, but got stuff to pay for first lolol. Who do you main as so far? Happy New Year! <777777777 & Happy New Year everyone!
  13. This is the first Christmas that's felt like a Christmas in a very long time, so I can say its been among the best lately lol... Thank you tho, Miyamamoto-sama! YATA!!! I heard it only takes a few days to unlock every character in ssbu btw Here's to hoping good luck for you, FISSURE!
  14. Miyamoto-san do the yata! Resident Evil 4 honestly is fun to play. That is, until you get the President's daughter. >_< But for you its probably cake walk, haha. Hope the other thingie works out for you : D It's nice to hear from ya!
  15. Here we... go! +1 to wally for GDU logo
  16. I'm surprised we've come full circle with that. Today!!! I need to play some Dangonronpa, I think.
  17. Both of the new South Park games are masterpieces lol Also! 3D Land gave me Super Mario Bros 3 vibes. Like, it seemed like a genuinely experimental and fun platformer.
  18. Running In The 90s at an anime con is so fun, dude. It's my go-to for starting "Hallway Raves". Nobody can stop Crim from Crimfting!
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