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  1. For the topic of Labyrinth Then for me myself, recently
  2. Costumes, going to Husbands Mom's as usual for that stuff, and whenever I can get with my best friend and a few others, we take advantage of the night by doing a ritual or few.
  3. Oh my Gods busy >.< Traded roommates, prepparing for Halloween, working, school for the kid, Ugh....I'm alive, I swear
  4. Here's a couple songs off my Silly list 😛 That 2nd one is one of my kid's faves lol And this last one should be played at the beginning of every childs swim class 😛
  5. I reeadOreimo vol 2 but am not currently reading anything.
  6. Been busy as hell, Kiddo started school yesterday, and I've gotten back into Destiny 2. Still playing ESO and Smite as well.
  7. Today was my day off after 10-day stretch. Gonna be a fat kid and get pizza for dinner. Hunting for a PS4 Pro >.<
  8. People still do this? 😛 Last thing I read was Oreimo vol. 1
  9. I have a 'hold on' list too 😛 I think everyone does, even if secretly. Here's one of mine (Images not important :p)
  10. Day 6 of 10 at work =_= I dont wanna. The heat wave isn't helping either. The heat just zaps me
  11. I beat the God War and have gone back to ESO
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