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  2. I typically don't like songs with lyrics. The lyrics are distracting; it's voice that sings over the rest of the song and sometimes doesn't even fit in with the song itself. I like songs that manage to have lyrics that are, as someone once put it, "as ignorable as [they are] interesting." This song manages to do just that. It starts off quietly. As it's starting, a few new sounds are introduced that go along with the rhythm. Halfway in, the vocals come in and they sound like they fit in with everything else that has been introduced in the song so far. Overall a great song and the one I'm obsessed with at the moment. (I've edited this post way too many times.)
  3. http://www.yourworldoftext.com/gdu do it
  4. Might as well have a topic about it on here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTOhF_lcoVc Important note: To embed YouTube videos, paste the URL without having it actually become a clickable URL.
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      Camera zooming in on Rafa's face, suddenly a spinning penis in the background. The Earth suddenly turns into a tie-die image that is constantly shifting colors. Rafa's mind is melting. Rafa's mind is gone. Rafa doesn't exist anymore.

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