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  1. good. started that sword and shield. i like it.
  2. been playing rocket league. made it to diamond rank. next up is champions. also been playing sea of thieves. super fun.
  3. wait wait wait. no one wants to meet miyamoto?
  4. dang april 19th last post til now. its may
  5. played rocket league again more often. almost plat 2 in ranking. also. south park fracture but whole is fun.
  6. tournaments were good. draining, but fun. started playing division 2.
  7. im back. been going to pokemon regional tournaments and helping a friends company and running their vendor booth. not much gaming lately.
  8. rocket league is crossplay parties now. still cant get a good team in randoms
  9. Crim


    sploded again? bummer
  10. started kingdom hearts 1. got a ps4, well, sharing a ps4. its the special kh3 cool limited edition console.
  11. played rocket league today.. went from being platinum 2 rank and 2 wins away from getting plat rewards for this season, to gold 2 and far away from my rewards. i hate random matchmaking. i always get the stupid crappy teammates
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