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  1. Crim

    What are you listening to?

    cant stop driftinggggggg
  2. Crim

    Post A Screenshot!

    walk walk walk
  3. little late, but im to the main quest where i choose elves or humans, but im stuck doing side quests. except mr hankys. his is bugged an i cant complete it.
  4. black ops 4 and rocket league have been the games of go to lately, when i have time. tho, i did continue stick of truth finally again.
  5. havent played much. but i do have xenoblade chronicles 2 now.
  6. started playing nba 2k19. story is good...... yep.
  7. in free time been playing octopath more.. hot a point to where i dislike it. i know rpg games have some grinding, but octopath has more than i care for.
  8. nup. i play good games. (lol, i lie, i play ea trash still sometimes)
  9. sorry for disappearance. work, and been tired. played a bit of halo and madden when i have time.
  10. oh ya. friend code. ill send it tomorrow for everyone
  11. add me on switch miyamoto-san
  12. Crim

    ITT Crim Shares His Signature Pizza Sauce Recipe

    like most times ill reply with a good ole my b
  13. Crim

    ITT Crim Shares His Signature Pizza Sauce Recipe

    it was a temp thing. he needed money
  14. i want to get the octopus traveling. looks fun
  15. hi everyone. sorry for absence, work has been stupid busy. but its slowing a bit now.