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  1. natural disasters? where you at again? sounds pretty awful.
  2. that'll be $Crim.99 plus drifting tax.
  3. ive been playing warzone still. but also among us.
  4. old man luke has become!
  5. i just recently started baldurs gate remastered myself. pretty early on still. mostly because ive been playing warzone/rocket league, or fall guys and final fantasy 14 online.
  6. holy balls. its hard remembering key letters and junk for the areas haha.
  7. luke and miyamoto san, add me on switch so we can cross our animals in some sort of new horizon way.
  8. noice. i beat animal crossing the other day. got my concert and all. now to get 5 star rating, and design my island and house.
  9. good. started that sword and shield. i like it.
  10. been playing rocket league. made it to diamond rank. next up is champions. also been playing sea of thieves. super fun.
  11. wait wait wait. no one wants to meet miyamoto?
  12. dang april 19th last post til now. its may
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