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  2. whats bg 1? and destiny 2? oof lol jk. I've been waisting time on rocket league, halo, and other random games I come across or feel like playing on xbox or pc. at least until diablo 4 drops.
  3. Ill take what is reading for 1000.
  4. I've started doing the same. I do crunches, situps, and push ups every couple hours during work. once its gets warmer i plan to get more walking in as well.
  5. @FISSUREI've been trying to trim the chub and tone up a bit myself. It's hard, so I feel yeah. But good luck! I'm sure you're doing great! =^_^=
  6. Miracle of Sound has been cool. Mainly 1 guy, and he calls it his music project. This is actually playing as I type this, so enjoy =^_^=
  7. Tomie and Beast Bitches of the Badlands
  8. Oh wow..# years later 😛 I'm in Oregon. Still replaying BG1..Also back into Destiny 2
  9. Been a bit since updated. Beat neverwinter nights, beat puzzle league. Mainly been taking the L in Mario party 2 on switch expansion lol. or playing pokemon violet.
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