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  2. Post for April 21st 2022! I've decided to try and lose some weight. So i'm trying the whole calorie counting and healthy eating stuff. Gonna be walking on a treadmill every other day, while slowly adding in jogging at the end to try and build up my endurance or being able to jog more i hope. Using the app "Lose it" to try and log roughly the amount of calories i'm eating. If i logged everything right it should be around 1400 calories for today. According to a BMI thing i should burn around 2000 a day normally so we'll see. I'll be weighing myself every 2 weeks.
  3. post for december 16th 2021! i keep thinking of the girl i had a crush on 20+ years ago.
  4. Also, showing off test animation with Bulma as our reference (the model was also custom made) 1207799249_2021-12-0500-37-43.mp4
  5. double post. so. its been like a day since the last one.
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