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  2. I'm working on stuff this weekend. Organizing my mess of stuff!! First and foremost lol. And, I'm coding game logic to handle walking on a "fixed" path (like a board game type of thing).
  3. Heya. Can't seem to sleep normally anymore! lol Wait. I lied. I never sleep normally! lmao
  4. Busy weekend ahead! Been having some success with finding motivation. Also, I'm feeling confident about therapy. If there's anything I look forward to, its just being the me I always was, but struggled to be. Hope you're doing okay, FISSURE.
  5. Nice, you get more bells in AC? Thanks buddy. First session down, second one later this week
  6. post for january 26th 2021! played ac! Awesome geem, good luck bud!
  7. Trying therapy. I went once before, but I gave up before really trying because I felt too forced and I didn't feel ready. Now I feel ready.
  8. Thanks buddy! No more floor gang for me. https://discord.gg/gNJNxYP Here's the discord link! Should come join us!!
  9. post for january 22nd 2021! played ac! Hell yeah, congrats geem! Yes ahahaha, now that you know the true meaning of sleep you can never go back! I didn't know we had one geem-sama.
  10. Hey Miyamoto-san, why haven't you joined our Discord yet, you dick
  12. I'm pushing myself to getting more things done! I picked up my bed and finally put it onto my bed frame that I had built a month ago
  13. post for january 13th 2021! playing some ac!
  14. post for January 12th 2021! played ac! yes we are geem!
  15. Holy shit, it is 2021. Wow, FISSURE. We're in the future, truly
  16. post for january 7th 2021! played ac, i forgot it's 2021
  17. post for january 3rd 2020! played some ac! happy new years geem!
  18. post for january 2nd 2021! played some ac! happy new years lukey!
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