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  2. Post for January 18th 2019! Happy new year everyone! My Crimmy! My geem!
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  4. To whom requested something from me the other day: I am working on processing your request in full. The current solution is a stop-gap. It will take a little bit of time since it's not a simple button-press fix. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

    1. ZServ


      no thank u

      for ur privacy policy

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  6. Post for November 30th 2019! It's been awhile since i posted here. Hope you all had a happy holidays everyone! Doing great geem, Been working. how are you and everyone else doing? Same crimmy!
  7. good. started that sword and shield. i like it.
  8. Been awhile since I been here. How's everyone doing?
  9. Sorry for not posting, been a bit busy. Post for September 29th 2019! Playing games on and off! Yay crim! THank you luke :D. Yata geem! With your powers combined, I am captain Fatnet!
  10. I summon @FISSURE aka Katie back to the forums
  11. FISSURE for president. Nutmeg for Vice President. YATA
  12. Post for Aug 30th I'm so glad I've spent my time here and for everyone I've met. You guys helped me become a better person and I'm so thankful for that. Thank you everyone.
  13. post for august 25th 2019! didn't play any games today!
  14. post for august 21st 2019! didn't play any games today!
  15. post for august 19th 2019! getting a bit farther in spiderman and assassins creed odyssey
  16. post for august 15th 2019! grinding! Nice, how you liking dallas geem? yeah the new pokemon looks good.
  17. Same here, basically! Moved to Dallas and have been basically just workin away, livin life, and enjoying it same as you. Excited for the new Pokemon that's coming out later this year. Oh, and Death Stranding! But man, honestly.. Anime has been sloooooowwww in 2019. We need something new lol.
  18. Post for August 13th 2019! leveling up in games.
  19. Post for August 9th 29019! played a little assassins creed.
  20. post for August 4th 2019! getting farther in assassins creed odyssey!
  21. post for july 31st 2019! didn't play any games today. going good geem, thanks for asking. How are you doing?
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