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  3. post for january 13th 2021! playing some ac!
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  5. post for January 12th 2021! played ac! yes we are geem!
  6. Holy shit, it is 2021. Wow, FISSURE. We're in the future, truly
  7. post for january 7th 2021! played ac, i forgot it's 2021
  8. post for january 3rd 2020! played some ac! happy new years geem!
  9. post for january 2nd 2021! played some ac! happy new years lukey!
  10. post for jan 1st 2021! happy new years played some ac! interesting in deed geem! amazing geem sama
  11. Hey Miyamoto-san, what do you think naughtysonic.mp4
  12. I saw immortals fenyx recently, was thinking about getting it. Interesting. hime hime hime.
  13. post for december 29th 2020! played a little ac
  14. post for december 28th 2020! played some ac! the immortals fenyx rising game, it be fun fuck yeah clothes rule! nice geem, sounds good. you coding master!
  15. You're fine, Miyamoto-sama ^_^ What game?? And man, I gotta say, getting clothes for Christmas is honestly awesome lmao. Pls gimmie. As for me, I didn't really do anything besides code stuff! I bought a lot of gifts. I took half of this week off so I can have more time to work on that waifu game. Been listening to this just now, and its making me feel nostalgic. ;( Miss a lot of people who used to come here.
  16. post for december 27th 2020! played ac today! sorry i'm late geem-san! i was looking forward to a game and clothes, got them ^_^. what about you geem?
  17. FISSURE, what are you looking forward to for Christmas?
  18. post for december 21st 2020! played ac! no probs my geem! sounds good
  19. That's one hell of a compliment, man. I was just speaking my feelings haha. So I'm going to post a demo of a game I've been working on very soon. It requires online play, so ya. There's going to be a bunch of Waifus and Husbandos for everyone to choose from 🙂
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