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  1. my steam name changed if anyone wants to add me on there. it's daidan now.
  2. i don't know if anyone remembers me but i'm usually on steam now. playing various games that i have. steam name for what it's worth is daidanmaku also been playing a lot of minecraft on the xbox 360. don't have live but can still add me to message me. gamertag is daisuketakumi
  3. well. about that, there is a game, it's just kinda hard to get on to, since it uses eclipse and my team and i are flat broke and can't afford to have it hosted so we have to use hamachi, which has limits of about 15 per network.
  4. i have a bleach forum, it's url is ninjamaster129.proboards.com saddly it is dieing
  5. i kinda got rid of the game. then i started working on my own mmo. that is based on my forum, then both died kinda
  6. rei. it's a project a few members of the bleach rpg are working on. squad's 4.5 and the lieutenant of squad 13 are going to be working on it. ps. the url is to be given out as a prize in the contest on the bleach forum.. plus if you were more active on the bleach forum you'd know this lol.
  7. eh. it doesn't matter. now if only i could find a working mmorpg maker. every single one i've tried failed or didn't work
  8. there's my bad grammar again. i meant to put "if anyone has any ideas" not if anyone have an idea"
  9. yeah. if anyone have an idea for getting the members of it more active then they are now. i would like to hear them
  10. here is a screenshot from it http://i567.photobucket.com/albums/ss112/ninjamaster129/beta.jpg
  11. half of it is online, the other half is in closed beta. and it's a text based rpg. beleive it or not, text based online rpgs are in fact mmorpgs. anyways. the whole thing is hard to explain because we haven't thought out everything yet.
  12. well. only the forum half is open too all right now, the text based rpg version is still in a closed state, one of my friends that's working on it with me and a few other people can't figure out how to set it up so some things recover, anyways the url for the forum version is ninjamaster129.proboards.com, the whole thing is based around the show bleach. in fact right now i could use some ideas to get more people to be on it and be active. also. people can find the url on that globe icon anywhere i've posted.
  13. i have a rpg of my own online right now. aside from that. i play only two others outside of this those are samurai of legend id number [92299] i gave the id number because i change my display name a lot on there, and the last one is theninja-server2, i'm under the name itachi1213 the most.
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