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  1. New And Awesom PC

    1. Kuronen


      Congrats! =D New PC's are the sezziness.

    2. lelouchxLamperouge


      grats, now if the world was up lol

    3. Blood Willow

      Blood Willow

      Yay for new 'puters! What kind is it?

  2. Death Troopers & My story of Accident Inc. The history of Earth 5
  3. The Zombie survival Guide... & The Walking Dead...
  4. I'm an anything away from reality person
  5. Actualy I was going to make Husky's costume next... Then Senri due to the lack of materials...(Leather)
  6. I'm Developing A costume from the Character Cooro From +Anima I made the waist pouch and Goggles by hand and going to the boots and belt next...
  7. Computer Officialy Dead!!! Thanks to Troasian Horse

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. lelouchxLamperouge


      I'm just waiting for a 13 year old boy from las vegas to infect every computer that crashes them for only 70 minutes

    3. Balmung of the Azure Homo

      Balmung of the Azure Homo

      70 Minutes? That's perfect timing for me to.. er, nevermind :D

    4. lelouchxLamperouge


      lol continue balv, you have my interest peaked.

  8. Hi Rei What'd I miss?

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