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  1. Poop, yeah thast on my mind

  2. I really want to see the Origins movies, this for t he new mutants they are adding and the one of Magneto.
  3. Kren


    Well if you want to know why or how we got our position we can answer that. If people want to be on the staff they are welcomed as long as they have plenty of good points but currently we have many to actually need more. And we currently don't have a big community to actually add more mods or admins that they are choosen by the community. Jeod if you really have a complaint about the current staff you should pm one of the admin with good and solid points validating your view and we will analyse it and take an action depending on what you write. Right now you are having contradictory points of view, in your first post you mentioned that you want to add more mods and admins that are chosen by the community but later in this post: you say that they are many of administrators. I have been mentioned that part of the admins are just there to fix bugs and improve the general layout and management of the forum. As of my, well I am the only mod, I had some experience being the Community Project leader in ZFGC, and I was Wiki Staff, I have experience, I am also a Judge in comunidadgm.org (I go by the nickname of "K")a Spanish Gamemaking forum, in which I judge a monthly contest. I don't have the best experience out there but I can defend myself like a tiger roar, ;3. If you want to argue with this just add me to hotmail, as long as you have good reasons and arguements, for now I will lock this topic.
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