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    Alchemy is the science and art of transformation.
  1. I've been competing in Local tournaments lately and became curious who all plays with what kinds of decks. I play with 3 decks (2 casual and 1 tournament) I will give you the details of my favorite casual deck. Its a Red/Green Token Production. PLANESWALKER Garruk Wildspeaker X1 CREATURE SPELLS Thallid Shell-Dweller X4 Thunder-Thrash Elder X4 Dragon Fodder X4 Sporoloth Ancient X3 Thallid Germinator X3 Vitaspore Thallid X2 Sporesower Thallid X2 Savage Thallid X2 Keldon Warlord X1 Predatory Advantage X1 Empty the Warrens X1 Goblin Assault X1 Gluttonous Slime X1 Spellbreaker Behe
  2. Don't know if you can count it as a game, but I've been playing Second Life for the last 2 weeks. To join go to secondlife.com and download the client.
  3. Banned for banning me for banning with no reason
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