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  1. Played some Tales of Phantasia yesterday, got to Alvanista and got rekt by nostalgia for the game back in the day.

    1. hawthorneluke


      Whoa, how've you been :o

    2. Shirosuke


      Working, mostly. Squeezing in some video games when I can. How about yourself?

  2. Honestly, since I'm just using it for screenshots of Mac Anu, of which I now have oodles, emulation speed isn't an issue. The hour long tutorial with Orca however, is. lol. I have now saved after the Hidden Forbidden Holyground mission with Blackrose, so I'm just trying to piece together the shots on the map.
  3. Really any resources are welcome lol. I'm currently basing my build off of a Lets Play of //Infection, but it's frustrating when the player skips important parts v_v EDIT: Ultimate solution. I dumped the BIOS from my PS2 onto my PC and I'm playing my copy of //infection on an emulator! :D
  4. well, much better than nothing... I think I'm going to take various shots from the show though, unless I can get an almost full map
  5. If ANYONE has any screenshots of Mac Anu, (R:1 would be best) please contribute? Even if it's a picture of your television, lol, I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise I'll have to drop fifty bucks on a PS2, and I'd rather eat.
  6. I would actually use the game's Mac Anu if I had a PS2 with which to look at the games, but mine died. If you're willing to contribute some, I would be forever in your debt :D
  7. Mac Anu progress! Sorry for the delay. And, Luke, now I have backups galore. I haven't added the texture pack yet, I have to rearrange that because of the patch. Reference Right now, unfortunately, because my internet company doesn't want me hosting servers, all of this has been SSP solo builds, using INVedit and the Flying mod. I just now modified the top of the tower so that it would look better, pics after I wake up later today I guess.
  8. Mac Anu, y u no have abundant screenshots

  9. none that will run on the latest patch because of present entities due to mods. Rebuilding tele mod, prolly gonna go in and use MCedit to export everything
  10. The last update broke the server, so we're starting from scratch, apparently. I have a schematic of the cathedral, but Mac Anu is back at phase 1 lol but I'm motivated.
  11. I'm here to kick ass and chew gum, but I don't have any legs. Could I have some gum?
  12. lol at the vid. for the xth time today
  13. A gallery of embedded, user submitted games on the site that is more of a browsing format than a forum format
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