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OK, I'm trying my hand at mapping....

Blood Willow

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Those tree shadows really need to be taken off from the those tile sheets lol. I'll get that done with the next big update I guess >_<

I have a feeling those little clumps of grass may be too frequent, but it is a forest after all, but still, somehow... hmmm lol

Also, who really cares, but I doubt a pathway in a forest would be made of stone lol. But anything's possible, as long as it's meant to look extra special :D

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thank god you have me biggrin.png because god knows hawthorne cant map >.>

maybe make a balance of weeds and flowers, in an even blend so not to be choking the scenery, sometimes accuracy isnt best in a 2d map :D also, the sky looks absolutely screwed. fix that up a bit :P also some of the trees stand out t much (probly because there from rpg maker vx) replace them with something else

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. . . . The trees in the Wood1 tileset, or something more pine-ish?

And I thought my sky was good :D My Fiance said so lol And he's works on maps both 2-D and 3-D.

(If you ever played Doom or UT3 custom maps, then you more than likely seen his work)

What's wrong with the sky?

OK, replace some weeds with flowers for a more balnaced look. Big flowers or more small ones? A few of both?

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OK, tell me if you like this remake a bit better.




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the sky itself looks great with the blend of blue, but the clouds are all going in a straight line and don't look like clouds at all lol. as for the rpg maker vx sprites i cant really tell you what to replace them with, but something that gives it the feel of a forest and not a mixmatched mess of tiles :D the blend of weeds and flowers look good but can you get rid of some of the weeds? i still feel that they are choking the landscape XP

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Yay! I picked good trees biggrin.png :D

Those trees actually gave me an idea for another map lol So this will end up being map 1 of 3 :P Forest of dreams will be big lol

I guess I can get rid of a few more weeds.

And I'll try reversing the clouds.

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OK, how do you guys like these?

(Personally, I think the sky looked better before . . . .)




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i would prefer no clouds at all, but i dont want you taking every suggestion i give you, after all its YOUR map, i dont want you turning it into MY map, suggestions themselves are great but it seems me and hawthorneluke are the only two who give you advise and suggestions, taking every suggestion from only two people is a recipe for disaster because YOU dont feel the map works. and that will make you try less on the map. and we dont want that :D

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As for the sky, I was thinking it may look more like mist/fog making it harder to see in the distance, so first would be blue sky, then white in the distance?

But the other way round could also work. But, to get rid of the problem of the horizontal lines, try extending the clouds so it ends up more like a pyramid, with the other ones building up on each other as they go out into the distance, or the other way round, or something >_< lol

The level of greenery now looks great though imo! :D

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OK Luke, I'll try that with the sky.

And thanks :D

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OK. I tried changing the sky. But it didn't come out the way I hoped. But I think I can make it work with what I wanna do. Though, I might put the clouds going in reverse.


O.O Where did you get the tiles for PINK tiles?!

But anyway, I also think the clouds should be facing the other way.

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Thats what I meant by putting them in reverse :D

Sorry, I was intoxicated lol

O.O Where did you get the tiles for PINK tiles?!

But anyway, I also think the clouds should be facing the other way.

When your looking at a tile-set, there a button at the bottom of the Tiles Tab called Color Blend. You click that and pick a color. It'll turn all the tiles in the tile-set to that color.

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OK! How do you like the clouds now?


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Doh! Forgot to ask. Hey Bucket-Head! Havbe you found anything clubby yet? If not, it's fine, I was just wondering. My Club map is sitting there collecting virtual dust lol :P

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