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OK, I'm trying my hand at mapping....

Blood Willow

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You can put the gate in if you want, shouldn't be hard at all lol. Feel free to try anything and test it in the previewer. Just remember to save and keep backups etc ^^;

As for the music, you can give suggestions etc to me (not just for bgm, but anything) in some text file or something included with the maps when you send them or whatever and I can do all of that for you ^^

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OK, I'll give it a shot.

Shortly I will post a screenie from the 2nd part of the swamp as well. Unless you (Or anyone else) has a suggestion for it, I should be done with it soon.

Oh! And the bgm. It should be from .hack//, right? Since it is a .hack// game :D It was funny cuz I watching Fate/Stay Night for the first time last night, and it had music from .hack// :P It's the bgm for a map in the game actually lol :P

Edit:I can't figure out how to get the Chaos Gate to work T_T Or the warp-point that will take it to the other map for that matter. I looked through the readme's but It didn't help. (No offense) I THINK I got the timezone thing correct. I want the swamp to be an evening map. And I thought I had to put in a map name, and it would show up in the previewer when I went to load it. But the ribbon thing is still blank v_v

I think I got everything else working though. . . .

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The chaos gate should show as a rotating blue circle.

It's one of the two blue circle like objects in the map maker. It'll only ask you for the X and Y position to create the character at when they warp in through the gate, which you'll generally want to leave as the default (base of the gate).

Those tree's shadows are messed up, but I'll fix that, don't worry about it lol.

Looks great :D

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It's best to right down that stuff in a text file and include it with the maps you send, as I will forget and hopefully won't have to search through the forums/IM's/emails etc to link together maps with comments etc lol

Just take the 4 map files generated when you save the map and zip/rar them up and upload them to www.sendspace.com for example and pm me the download link.

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