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  1. Holy shit talk about an old face :o Hey Fraggy I haven't seen you around here in ages! How's it going dude?
  2. That's no good :/ Changed all the embedded stuff to plain links. Did that fix it gm? :P I didn't know you had a music background crim :o And yeah I can't imagine trying to make up the music that way. To be fair I kindaaaa just slide around the notes until I get something passable ;ppp Here's another old one I did: https://soundcloud.com/apeiron-algoma/hey-theres-violins-in-this-one
  3. Oh god finale looks hard no I use flstudio like a goddamn pleb. It is uniquely unsuited for making piano tracks
  4. Here's an old piece I did a while ago that I still like https://soundcloud.com/apeiron-algoma/dread
  5. Ayyyy I haven't posted a topic in a while, have I? I haven't been doing any 3d modelling recently but I'm always doing something dumb in my spare time so I figured I'd post some of it instead of just leaving it all on my computer :P I do a little music making sometimes. Right now I'm enjoying composing simple faux piano tracks. I say faux because uh lol I don't own a piano or know how to play piano. It's just digital arrangement stuff using a piano VST. Here's my most recent: https://soundcloud.com/apeiron-algoma/soft
  6. Holy shit someone actually responded to this woah I did not see that coming. Literally two years late to the party. I can't even remember the last time I mapped before I did this one. I think the last one I did was for that mapping challenge (was that a thing?) aaaagggeeeesss ago. So if I got any better it wasn't from mapping practice :P Nah the game isn't up. I think my thought process when I made the topic was 'hey I have time to waste. I have an idea'
  7. It's especially weird since the temp forum stuff was saved as well so the past and present have all just converged into one. I'm just gonna start accepting that time has no meaning here. I never got into the Uncharted series (I shared an xbox360 with my sister for all of last gen :x) are they worth picking up? Planning on buying a ps3 sometime soon now that I have a job :P
  8. The jig is up. The secret is out.Everything's been solved. It's time to wrap it up, folks. We're done.
  9. You're a hero :o It's a really weird format, but I admire being able to post every day like this. Even if it's just about nonsense. Gotta level those Pogeymans.
  10. Apeiron

    The Plan

    Oh we're back. Hey. Hello. Hi. ... (Hoping no one notices I'm at least a month behind the announcement) >.> <.<
  11. Anyone with maps to show off may post here. So I haven't touched the map maker in a long time. Like, a LONG time. But as a part of what I'm dubbing 'Project Revive GD-U' new content is necessary. And the member list isn't getting larger. (Yes I know the game isn't up atm but I had time to waste today) This is Novi Monde, a root town I started working on recently. The local church A peek inside the church And the local weapon shop I intend for the map to contain a couple caves, as well as a Fragment-esque catacomb maze under the church.
  12. Gonna be honest,nearly cried a little when I read it was down maybe forever. Glad everything got unaccidentiallized ;P
  13. Since this thread is sufficiently derailed, I have to ask. ... ... Why is your avatar wearing a christmas hat in the middle of April?
  14. Yo, Crim! Since I've decided I'm never going to leave, I like to pop in from time to time. ;P Good to see I'm not just talking to myself quite yet!
  15. Hai. I have zero knowledge on how website design works, but I'm sure it'll be fiiinnnnnneee~. (Warning: May not be fine) I do know a little bit about burning out, though, and the best advice I can give is- chill. Do a little at a time instead of hurdling through it all at once. That, and drink a ton of soda.
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