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OK, I'm trying my hand at mapping....

Blood Willow

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Ahead of time, feel free to move this Luke. I wasn't entirely sure where to put this.  Btw, how do you do collision? And make it rain/snow/precipitate?

OK, so I have gotten Map Maker from Luke, and am attempting to make a map. This is what I have so-far . . . . Constructive criticism is appreciated. Tell me what you think!


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There would be an "Objects" button at the top right, but the window is too short width wise and doesn't fit on. You'll need to make it a bit wider ^^;

Once you click that you can use objects, such as red blocks to mark solid areas (collisions) etc. They're all, or mostly all ^^; explained (badly >_<) in the readme2.html or whatever it's called.

As for weather, you'll need to directly ask me to do that. (Once the map maker is remade I'll make it so you can do such things though.)

I like how there's loooots of stuff around making it far from boring, but maybe it's a bit too random? Maybe not though lol

Also, where the sky meets the ground, maybe there's a better tile to use instead of the grass suddenly ending. I wouldn't know about that though lol.

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OK thanks guys! smile.png Fix the sky to ground line. Redo the trees. De-randomize some of the clutter. Though, since I have "yays" and "nays" about that, maybe I should have a vote . . . . *To be considered*

Luke, I am currently running a 1024x768 resolution. What would you suggest so that all the buttons fit?

And Lelouch, the platform is there to show where the chaos-gate will go :D I have a platform in my 2nd map too :P

Yes, I started another map already lol Needed to keep myself occupied while waiting for comments on this map :P

Tell me if you like any better.


I swapped the trees, tried to do something with the skyline, fixed some clutter. OK, maybe I just replaced it with different clutter, does it look good?

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looks okay but maybe make some of the clouds transparent? try messing around with the alpha a bit (any number between 0 and 1, 1 being thickest, 0 being invisible). remove some of the weeds, flowers are a bit close together on the top part, try spreading the trees so its not bare in some places and filled in other places. make the grass barrier a line of grass, i see a spot behind a tree that looks like i can jump of into oblivion :D

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OK, well, I filled a few trees. I did use a different tree, but I think this one fits a little better then that pine. I fixed the grass in the back, and tried messing with the clouds alpha thingy. (Some are at 1, others at .5, and the rest at .75) Took out a few weeds. (Had to to put in the trees without a bunch of hidden tiles anyway :D) Does this look better?


After thought: I didn't realized that part of the tree in back was missing :P I already fixed it though

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I hate it lol but thanks :P

Well some of the ideas in it may be ok, but it can be a lot better I think. I have big plans for the new one, whenever that'll come lol.

As there's only a screenshot of one place, we can't see the whole map, but just make sure to not make a boarder around the edges that are a boring fence like in SDH or anything. Something more natural instead of a solid line would be nice ^^

The cliff edge at the top seems ok though, but then again maybe making it more slightly zigzag like would be better than it just being completely straight?

Also, instead of one square area, how about making it some sort of trail or something?

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I see ^^; lol

Natural not as in not man made, but as in how things may really look. I doubt you'd find a perfectly straight cliff edge etc. But a cabin in the woods isn't abnormal at all.

The map somehow needs to have a boarder around the edges so players can't walk off the screen and of course just having the edge of the screen literally being the border isn't too good lol. Try playing old SNES _RPGs or something if you can and take a look at how they do things?

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Guest BobRaygen

yeaz! a new map maker would be fun! this current one it ok and useable but it is almost like well,weird to use it like it is. liek if it were a house desinger i would understand it more. dose that get want i amm trying to say? idk lolz. bout the map. i just seen all the prograss and stufted today and it is getting good. bout wht luke said with rive as boarder, you can have like the botom left corner still squareish but have a river cutting across it kinda sideways. put a house next to it and use house almost liek boarder aswell. you could make the end of grass liek a zigzagish like some1 eles saidand contiue with the same idea but diffrent style on the right. that is just what id do. ive been told to make things less boxish. would that be less of a boxish idea? even though it dosen't say new ceack Just me everyone in a while. wait would that be considered advertizing? sugesting at the end of some of my posts to check out my post? lolz idk if it is some1 tell me so i will know to stop.

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Hm, river as the border . . . . I likes it :D And yeah, I could put the cabin in a corner and use it as part of the border. Cool. I still need to figure out how to do the river though . . . . I was gonna do it like I did the land-meets-water parts of my swamp map, but you don't have that kind of tile for blue water. So, that idea is out.

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OK, I'll look around. Thanks!

I'm thinking of scrapping this map. Or putting it off to the side for now. I seem to be doing better with my swamp map.I like how it's coming out so-far. What do you guys think? Should I put this off to the side until I get a little more into the forest thing, and work on my swamp? Or should I stick with it see what happens?

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