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  1. Not as creative as i used to be. Definitely had a lot more time to give this place when i was younger. Now I have to be an adult.
  2. Kinda wish i had images of my old maps, i know i looked once but i lost all the data.
  3. Thank you for the good wishes, and I can't change my name to entirety because I only represent one half, now if my wife and I were both using this account then maybe but I'm still only a fragment.
  4. I don't really know anything about coding like you guys.
  5. Life has been treating me well, I've gotten married and am expecting my first child this year. That does sound like a coincidence, sometimes life can do strange things like that. Glad to hear those drawings still exist though.
  6. Well I have been living life for the most part. I get nostalgic and come here to look around sometimes.
  7. God Im 10 years old according to this now, geez time does fly.

  8. seriously surprised to find this still going on everyday
  9. *walks in* Whoa everything here looks complicated *walks out*
  10. League of Legends update >.> Lost a ranked game and rage quit, I suck -_- "Parody"
  11. Good, a lot has happened since i knew you guys. Married, live in LA now, Ran a few resturants, I play league of legends now in my free time (though thats maybe a few games a week at most), Life has changed a lot since the early days here. Right, I try. It took me a while to find this forum when I was looking for it. I think i was looking for it a few years ago too and my account was lost in transition or something. But it seems to be working now. Sounds about right
  12. Its okay, its just a sentence of randomness because I havent been to this site in like 4 years. I used to map for the game. A long time ago... in a time far far away...............
  13. All at once everyone was shocked. Hope is a tricky thing though as this could disappear as easily as it came.
  14. So its been a long time since I have been here, sad I cant find my old maps or sprites anymore :(

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    2. Fragment


      Whats your alias? I play probably a few games a night and usually on my days off. Im TwinFragment

    3. Crim


      just like everything else, except here i guess lol, I go by AvatarCrim. (this includes xbox if you play on that and nintendo wii u)

    4. Crim


      finally updated the game and accepted the add.

  15. LUKE! Rawr! Anything?

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    2. hawthorneluke


      @walunut: Just out of a dorm into my own place.

      @fragment: Yeah, I'd like this year too, or next month even >_<

    3. Crim
    4. Apeiron


      good. now go! may your code fly to the heavens! (just don't hit anything)

  16. Another pointless status update as i try to write a speech for school!.......

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    2. Fragment


      Its an informative speech, i am doing mine on curry.

    3. Apeiron


      mmmm. hope its... well, informative! XP

    4. CubiaRemains


      curry ,mmmm might have some myself... one day

  17. Luke! Poke! Anytime Soon?

  18. Woo going to Savannah in a week.

    1. Fragment
    2. gm112


      I've been there before, when I lived in South Carolina. Cool place.

  19. I have obligations but ill be on today for the next few hours after this post unless my internet goes down like last night.
  20. Hmm who else should I poke?

  21. After looking at those maps...I do believe some of those have potential...
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