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  1. Glad to see this place back up and running.

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    2. Crim
    3. Blood Willow

      Blood Willow

      Did anyone else have to re-register? Was that just part of what happened or did I just glitch?

    4. lelouchxLamperouge


      We all did Blood.

      And good to see you! <3 /hug

  2. Just checking up on this place.

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    2. Walnut


      Maybe indeed :P It reads from the database but I don't have it formatted the way it needs to be yet. And the latest IPB upgrade screwed up the IP.Content's formatting pretty badly so I'm having to redo the CSS on all the PHP blocks. This new site will be a million times better than the old one was though, much closer to what I wanted to do with this place originally

    3. Apeiron
    4. CubiaRemains


      ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba shi shi shi shi shi shi shi shi ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma...


  3. Just checking up on this place.

  4. Dear god Apeiron, I really haven't checked out this thread in a while.... But holy man, amazing.
  5. Looks awesome Rhaps, perhaps I'll stop by in the future to check things out there.
  6. Intredasting. This may or may not drive me back to check this place.
  7. Kay, seriously remove the snow. It's clearly CPU intensive. My laptop normally doesn't lag with 2 Chrome tabs open, Skype, MSN and iTunes.

    1. gm112


      Woo! I got good news for you. Install Adblock+ on whatever browser, then go to the options. Find "Add your own filters", then put in the following:


  8. I've already taken a look into classes, been trying to get used to using them as well. I'll try to do something similar to that next time I open up the source to this. (I also have to organize the source it's a mess at the moment) But yeah, I'll attempt.
  9. And I'm finished! After a week of pain staking programming and making stupid mistakes, I'm finished! There are two passwords in this game, both I will not reveal. Note: There is no point to this game, you get gold, you buy exp, you level up. That's really all it is. For now. I made this entire thing in the C-Programming language. Uhh let's see here... I'm fairly certain there's nothing else I need to make note of here. Oh! If there's a feature you want added in here, let me know. Changelog: V1.0 = Created v1.1 = Added tags to Gold / EXP. v1.2 = Made things clearer, such as When you level up, it says "You lost X amount of EXP, but you have gained level X", changed how much it costs when you level up. Level 1 = 100 exp level 2 = 200 exp etc etc.
  10. Got my temps. Awwwee Yeaaah

    1. gm112


      Now it's time to drag race. >: D

  11. Very awesome GM, and Rhaps. Loving this theme so much already.
  12. So how is everyone's black Friday going? Anyone die?

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    2. Balmung of the azure sky
    3. gm112


      It's something only soccer mom's do.

    4. Crim


      i did. but thats because i got a cool limited edition zelda 3ds

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