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    if you play it, its allready too late to go back

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  1. think its 50 more actually.. well here it is + 3g contract is alot.. ;c
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    2. Crim


      battlefield 3 is definitely better on pc. and why not? ill return them lol.

    3. Balmung of the azure sky

      Balmung of the azure sky

      shipment costs too high.. just get the games yourself ;3

    4. Crim


      oh well, guess ill have to.. although, the gamestores by me don't have those.

  2. time to ban all members with less then 2 posts? ;s

    1. gm112


      Do an audit on members like that. Post approval mode time time??

    2. Walnut


      If we get another bad wave of them (I bet we do) I'll disable posting for 0 post members for a while. I wanna ride it out for now though. Thanks for your patience guys

  3. fix spam problem gm112 :

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    2. hawthorneluke


      I honestly don't understand the reason why you're not an admin (as as far as I know, there's not really a reason lol)

    3. Balmung of the azure sky
  4. i dont want more spam on my facebook so i wont join ;v
  5. this saturday might be good.. next one i planned something else allready
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