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  1. about that, they were helping me get the missing keywords because i have not played since Thanksgiving lol
  2. If you don't mind, i would like to join, i want to be part in this (just so you know, I'm playing the world right now)
  3. cause I'm.......Jesus (lol joking) i mean 2 days ago seriously go play the world right now! (I'm on) getting so boring!
  4. lol like yesterday at like 5:00 pm, you know her/him or something
  5. >.> <.< What?! i donts want 2 disappear! OH NOES....well im just started the map making lol and its going pretty well and i gots some ideas lol (i end every sentence with lol) AHHH i did it again!
  6. LOLZ as what the short message says: [01:58] Logged in. [01:58] You are currently set to talk in "Local" mode. Only players near you will be able to hear you. You can [01:58] change mode by clicking the icons above this chat box. [01:58] No other players are currently online. [01:59] <DragonStone> i was probably the 1st one on today lol :3 logged out I finally gots the map maker (run and hide lol) so i'm going to goof around for a couple of days/weeks then ill get to work :3. when i first saw the thing i was like (wow! this is going to take a while!) so i hope i can make some good maps LOLZ (its 2:30 in the morning and my sis. is on the phone....in a closet O.o)
  7. Lots and lots of reading this time and i had to "bleep" all the keywords (even hints) so you can get your own (and i not get in trouble lol) well, enjoy! [18:13] Logged in. [18:13] You are currently set to talk in "Local" mode. Only players near you will be able to hear you. You can [18:13] change mode by clicking the icons above this chat box. [18:13] No other players are currently online. [18:15] <DragonStone> lol no other player (i just got done posting journal #2) [18:16] <DragonStone> *goes to market* [18:17] <DragonStone> *reads sign by the inn* [18:18] <DragonStone> Ok ill go to the Gate De Berg [18:18] <DragonStone> *warps* [18:19] <DragonStone> *reads wierd sign* right i geuse ill go to a random place with this map lol [18:19] <Zyke Hatar> DragonStone, long time no see [18:20] <DragonStone> Hi [18:20] <DragonStone> Who r u? [18:20] <Zyke Hatar> Zyke [18:20] <DragonStone> oh its you lol [18:20] <Zyke Hatar> I think we met in the maze [18:20] <DragonStone> yay another player [18:20] <Zyke Hatar> Hello mel [18:21] <Melphina> Hi! [18:21] <DragonStone> WOW [18:21] <Melphina> :] [18:21] <DragonStone> another player [18:21] <Zyke Hatar> #$@ [18:21] <DragonStone> Zyke Hatar: what does that mean? [18:21] <Zyke Hatar> Its a keyword [18:21] <Syoshi Kyoga> [bows in respect] [18:21] <DragonStone> Zyke Hatar: oh ok [18:21] <Melphina> :D [18:21] <Zyke Hatar> I made it myself [18:21] <DragonStone> Zyke Hatar: cool! [18:22] <Melphina> Lol, seriously why do you keep doing that? [18:22] <DragonStone> cool [18:23] <Zyke Hatar> XD [18:23] <DragonStone> srsly you made that [18:24] <Zyke Hatar> Yes DragonStone [18:24] <Zyke Hatar> lol [18:24] <Zyke Hatar> I loged on SECONDS before you [18:24] <DragonStone> you arent messing with me...right [18:24] <Zyke Hatar> No I'm not [18:25] <DragonStone> well, thats cool [18:25] <Zyke Hatar> Melphina was here when I announced it [18:25] <DragonStone> cool [18:26] <Zyke Hatar> You still here? [18:26] <Zyke Hatar> ? [18:26] <DragonStone> yep [18:26] <Zyke Hatar> EVERY pillar here has a message [18:26] <DragonStone> i havent been on in a month, any new areas [18:26] <Azrail> a lot new... hi Dragon... [18:26] <Zyke Hatar> 3 more were put up on christmas eve [18:27] <DragonStone> 3? i got only 2 [18:27] <DragonStone> extra [18:27] <Zyke Hatar> Which ones do you have? [18:27] <DragonStone> i have 12 [18:27] <Azrail> only? oe [18:27] <Zyke Hatar> Which ones? [18:27] <Zyke Hatar> are new? [18:27] <DragonStone> 3 [18:27] <DragonStone> pod [18:28] <DragonStone> @#% and [18:28] <DragonStone> #@$ [18:28] <Zyke Hatar> #$% and #$^ were up before christmas eve [18:28] <Zyke Hatar> *@#! [18:28] <Azrail> you know ... there are 16 maps AFAIK... [18:29] <DragonStone> what? [18:29] <Azrail> hehe^^ [18:29] <Zyke Hatar> here is a hint to one [18:29] <Zyke Hatar> A&W [18:30] <DragonStone> I DONT GET IT LOL [18:31] <Zyke Hatar> I thought you were working on maps, Az [18:31] <Azrail> wanted to take a break... [18:31] <Zyke Hatar> Ah [18:31] <Azrail> away from that did my sis enter this room... [18:31] <DragonStone> were can i make maps [18:31] <Zyke Hatar> Who is your sister? [18:31] <Azrail> she dosn't play this game XD [18:32] <Zyke Hatar> You have to get the current program from luke [18:32] <DragonStone> Zyke Hatar: okay [18:32] <Zyke Hatar> -__- [18:32] <Azrail> she said that one reason for this fact is that her english is rather bad.... XD what a reason, mine is [18:32] bad too XD [18:32] <DragonStone> lol [18:33] <Zyke Hatar> I think your english is pretty good [18:33] <Azrail> I ALWAYS think the other thing XD [18:33] <Azrail> you know, that is some kind like attitude towards life... [18:34] <Zyke Hatar> Az [18:34] <Azrail> yep? [18:34] <Zyke Hatar> Give DragonStone some hints to the other 3 maps [18:34] <Azrail> he has the x-mas ones and this one right? [18:35] <Zyke Hatar> Yes [18:35] <Syoshi Kyoga> oh Melphi ? [18:35] <DragonStone> yeah [18:35] <DragonStone> brb AFK [18:35] <Syoshi Kyoga> where is everyone? [18:36] <Azrail> kay oO [18:36] <Syoshi Kyoga> [18:36] <Syoshi Kyoga> [18:36] <Syoshi Kyoga> [18:36] * Azrail stabs him [18:37] <Azrail> damn... [18:37] <Azrail> he stole my (virtual) money... again... [18:37] <Syoshi Kyoga> got awway [18:37] 4 other players online: Syoshi Kyoga, Zyke Hatar, Azrail, Joshua [18:37] <Zyke Hatar> XD [18:37] <DragonStone> lol [18:37] <Azrail> I would love to give ya a gift... it is called a time bomb.... [18:38] * Zyke Hatar blows up Syoshi Kyoga [18:38] <Azrail> hey, were are you people? [18:38] <Azrail> YAY XD [18:39] <DragonStone> im in the cathredel... [18:39] <Azrail> were did DragonStone go? oe [18:39] <Zyke Hatar> Which Cathedral? [18:39] <Azrail> ANTI TILL DEATH XD [18:40] <DragonStone> the on wih the ... [18:40] <Azrail> what did I say? Anti.. lol [18:40] <Syoshi Kyoga> Syoshi Avaids all death! [18:41] <DragonStone> hi lol [18:41] <Azrail> hia oO [18:41] <Azrail> hey... [18:41] <DragonStone> <.< >.> [18:41] <DragonStone> creepy [18:41] <Azrail> Zyke ment that I should give ya hints on the other areas oo [18:41] <DragonStone> right.... [18:42] <Azrail> and no... I am not female... you should still know me as Wasser if I remember right... [18:42] * Zyke Hatar blows up both cathedrals* [18:42] <Syoshi Kyoga> Where is everyone? [18:42] <DragonStone> .....me donts remember lol [18:42] <Azrail> the anti one is still OK Zy.... [18:42] <Zyke Hatar> I'm in my hideout [18:42] <Azrail> I did kill and revive ya about 400 times... [18:42] <Azrail> XD [18:42] <DragonStone> ohhhhhh you lolz [18:42] <Azrail> yeah oo^^ [18:43] <Azrail> hehe,... well the first hint (I make hints as sentences...) [18:43] <DragonStone> O.o [18:43] <DragonStone> okay... [18:43] <Syoshi Kyoga> ... [18:43] <Syoshi Kyoga> [18:43] <Syoshi Kyoga> [18:43] * Zyke Hatar blows up a bomb from inside DragonStone* [18:43] <Azrail> being in a ^%$%&$@ (&% %&^( isn't everything ya know? oe kay... this one is rather easy oO [18:44] <Syoshi Kyoga> [18:44] <Azrail> booh Oo [18:44] <DragonStone> this one is...small [18:44] <Syoshi Kyoga> why hate me? [18:44] <Azrail> yep... [18:44] <Azrail> for stealing mah money oo [18:45] <Syoshi Kyoga> [18:45] <Syoshi Kyoga> [18:45] <DragonStone> whats the next one? [18:46] <Azrail> "AQuA5icAg3" XD a little harder ^^ [18:46] <Azrail> oo [18:47] <DragonStone> i dont get it! [18:47] <Azrail> tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock.... [18:48] <Azrail> it is rather easy... want to have a tip on that one? [18:48] <DragonStone> that would ve nice [18:48] <DragonStone> *be [18:49] <Azrail> Tip: what should I cate about there numbers? they are all just small fishes while my warriors are [18:49] strong so go to hell... [18:49] <Zyke Hatar> a quiet myth will always be [18:49] <Azrail> *care [18:50] <Syoshi Kyoga> [18:50] <Syoshi Kyoga> [18:50] <Syoshi Kyoga> [18:50] <Azrail> sayoshi again.... [18:50] <Azrail> *syoshi.... [18:50] <Zyke Hatar> *syoshi blows up* [18:50] <Zyke Hatar> Not my money [18:50] <Zyke Hatar> XD [18:51] <Syoshi Kyoga> Syoshi Avaids All Death! [18:51] <DragonStone> OMG I HATE RIDDLES!!!!!!!!!!!!! [18:51] <Zyke Hatar> DragonStone [18:51] <Azrail> I just told ya that you should ignore numbers and small letters... [18:51] <Zyke Hatar> A Quiet myth Will always be [18:52] <Azrail> away from that... his sentence is good... [18:52] <Azrail> I just give it ya... but dont tell Zyke or he kills me... @-&-* oo [18:53] <Azrail> yo, Zy... [18:53] <Zyke Hatar> Hello Az [18:53] <DragonStone> lol another small one [18:53] <Zyke Hatar> Yes [18:54] <Zyke Hatar> Do you have them all know? [18:54] <Azrail> the last one is small to... %*&%&%&$#!!!! << [18:54] <Azrail> I love easy hints... [18:55] <DragonStone> still got one more (if there is only 16) [18:55] <Azrail> or super complicated ones... but noone ever gets them... [18:55] <Zyke Hatar> Do you have them all now? [18:55] <Syoshi Kyoga> Hello? [18:55] <DragonStone> no i think i gots 1 more [18:56] <DragonStone> if there is 16 [18:56] <Zyke Hatar> the is 15 total [18:56] <Syoshi Kyoga> <sigh> [18:56] <DragonStone> oh ok [18:56] <Azrail> it are 16 arent it? And ya missed three... and I gave ya three didn't I? oe [18:56] <Zyke Hatar> ABOUT to be 16 [18:56] <DragonStone> okey lol [18:56] <Zyke Hatar> But I wont make this map public [18:56] <DragonStone> thanx [18:56] <Azrail> yeah,,, I have 16... eo [18:57] <Zyke Hatar> What do you have? [18:57] <DragonStone> ......how there is only 15?! [18:57] <DragonStone> u said lol [18:57] <Azrail> 16 area passwords.... [18:57] <DragonStone> whats the other one [18:57] <Zyke Hatar> WHAT DO YOU HAVE [18:57] <Azrail> oe?? [18:57] <Azrail> 16 passes? Did I miss something? [18:57] <Zyke Hatar> -__- [18:57] <Azrail> a6 freakin' keys? oO [18:58] <Zyke Hatar> Which ones? [18:59] <DragonStone> ...well <Zyke Hatar> Everyone on skype says they have 15 <DragonStone> .... [19:00] <Azrail> 234 @$% #%& *&( &%^ (*^ $%& ^($ $#@ %$^ %*$ ^#^ *&# *^$ (%^ #$@ [19:00] <Azrail> ee [19:00] <Azrail> are mine... [19:01] <DragonStone> i cant warp on &%^ [19:01] <Azrail> and that are 16 oo [19:01] <DragonStone> oh we are on here lol [19:01] <Azrail> thats because we ARE at *%$ at the moment... [19:01] <Zyke Hatar> Your right [19:01] <Zyke Hatar> I miss counted [19:01] <Azrail> yep oo [19:01] <Zyke Hatar> this is *%$ [19:02] <DragonStone> OH it was &$^ [19:02] <DragonStone> Rofl [19:02] <Azrail> YOU... damn DONT say KEYWORDS on global chat plz... [19:03] <DragonStone> OH SRY [19:03] <Azrail> no prob eo [19:03] <DragonStone> i forgot [19:03] <Azrail> so you missed the rebirth cahmber huh? oe [19:03] <Azrail> chamber [19:03] <DragonStone> yep [19:04] <Colbydude> 'allo? [19:04] <Azrail> wonder if I get there someday and can actually READ something on the stone thingys there [19:04] <Azrail> heya oO [19:04] <DragonStone> yeah srsly [19:04] <DragonStone> hi! [19:04] <Colbydude> what's shakin? [19:04] <DragonStone> notin just talking lol [19:05] <Colbydude> nice [19:05] <Azrail> was rather hard to find that one on the BBS thought... oh did I mention that I found 9 on the BBS [19:05] one through help and got one simply said? (when it were still 11 maps...) [19:05] <Azrail> yep.... XD [19:05] <DragonStone> cool [19:06] <Azrail> hehe oo [19:06] <DragonStone> *silence* lol [19:06] <Zyke Hatar> holy fuck... [19:07] <DragonStone> wat? [19:07] <Azrail> ya just have to search a little and you can find nearly everything on the BBS... [19:07] <Azrail> whats up Zy? [19:07] <DragonStone> yep srsly [19:07] <Zyke Hatar> I've been helping a friend troubleshoot their comp [19:07] <Azrail> yeah... and? [19:07] <DragonStone> so wat happened [19:07] <Zyke Hatar> They should have mentioned that they had the BSoD from the start [19:08] <Azrail> do I have to know that Acronym? oe [19:08] <DragonStone> .....what? im not a com. nerd (no offens) [19:08] <Zyke Hatar> Blue Screen of Death [19:08] <Azrail> OH >< [19:08] <Zyke Hatar> yeah [19:08] <DragonStone> lolololololoololollollololololololollololloll!!! [19:08] <Azrail> omg... [19:09] <Zyke Hatar> Its a result of an UNFIXABLE windows error [19:09] <Azrail> well... as long as ya dont get a red ring of death on your local xbox..... [19:09] <Azrail> XD [19:09] <Colbydude> Where are you guys even at? [19:09] <Azrail> I am not allowed to tell ya Vv [19:09] <Azrail> and if I did I would have to kill you oo [19:09] <DragonStone> sin ran hati [19:09] <Colbydude> ah some kind of admin/moderator thing? [19:09] <DragonStone> thats the name lol [19:09] <Colbydude> or not [19:09] <Azrail> nope... just a hidden map XD [19:10] <DragonStone> i got to go :P [19:10] <Azrail> kay.. cyaosen oO [19:10] <Colbydude> well how do you get there? [19:10] <Azrail> XD [19:10] <Zyke Hatar> okay bye LOGED OUT <-----not getting on till tommorow
  8. LOL its been a while but i got it, if you are in here well cool. Hope you guys like it! [17:25] Logged in. [17:25] You are currently set to talk in "Local" mode. Only players near you will be able to hear you. You can [17:25] change mode by clicking the icons above this chat box. [17:25] 2 other players online: Shadow of Death, Neko [17:26] <Shadow of Death> Any hints? [17:26] <DragonStone> Hi! [17:26] <Neko> lets go to the ball room [17:26] <Shadow of Death> Hi! [17:26] <Neko> do u now the leters 4 it [17:26] <Neko> hi [17:26] <DragonStone> hi :D [17:26] <Neko> u new [17:27] <DragonStone> no [17:27] <Neko> ok [17:27] <Shadow of Death> xsf [17:27] <Shadow of Death> I think [17:27] <Neko> do u have all 16 areas [17:27] <Neko> yes go [17:27] <DragonStone> no i have 11 [17:27] <Neko> o lol [17:27] <DragonStone> have not played in a month [17:27] <Neko> shadow its XSF go to it [17:28] <Neko> o lol [17:28] <Shadow of Death> I have a nickname, U know! [17:28] <Shadow of Death> 2! [17:28] <Neko> haseo [17:28] <Shadow of Death> Oui? [17:28] <Neko> go to XSF [17:28] <Shadow of Death> I'm in the ballroom. [17:28] <Neko> o [17:28] <DragonStone> lol [17:29] <DragonStone> were is the ballroom? [17:29] <Shadow of Death> Sittin in my seat [17:29] <Shadow of Death> xsf [17:29] <DragonStone> oh [17:29] <Neko> brb [17:30] <Shadow of Death> You're Tsukasa, right? [17:30] <Shadow of Death> Neko [17:30] <Shadow of Death> I mean [17:30] <DragonStone> hi [17:30] <Shadow of Death> hello again [17:31] <Shadow of Death> That seat dont work. The bottom one [17:31] <Akurei> HI PEOPLE!!! [17:31] <Shadow of Death> Yo! [17:31] <Neko> back [17:31] <Akurei> HEY! [17:31] <DragonStone> i look like im standing on the chair [17:31] <Akurei> Hey Neko! [17:31] <Shadow of Death> Neko, you're Tsukasa, right? [17:31] <Neko> Tsukas_ [17:31] <Akurei> Where're you guys? [17:31] <Neko> WIT AN UNDERSCORE [17:31] <Shadow of Death> xsf [17:32] <DragonStone> in the ballroom [17:32] <Akurei> k [17:32] <DragonStone> epic music [17:32] <Shadow of Death> No comment [17:32] <Neko> lol [17:33] <DragonStone> hi [17:33] <Akurei> hi [17:33] <Neko> hi [17:33] <Akurei> 'ello neko [17:34] <Akurei> 'ello shadow an' dragon [17:34] <DragonStone> hi [17:34] <Neko> call shadow haseo [17:34] <Akurei> k'day [17:34] <Shadow of Death> Hello. [17:35] <Akurei> hey haseo [17:35] 3 other players online: Akurei, Shadow of Death, Neko [17:35] <DragonStone> rarely this many people on [17:35] <Shadow of Death> I got a new monitor for Christmas! [17:35] <Neko> lol [17:35] <Akurei> i've seen more. [17:35] <Neko> i got 10 new games [17:35] <Neko> same [17:36] <Akurei> which games [17:36] <DragonStone> i gots a new camcorder [17:36] <Akurei> i gots camera!!! [17:36] <Akurei> XD [17:36] <Shadow of Death> Me 2! [17:36] <Akurei> yay [17:36] <DragonStone> mine has a camera built in it too [17:36] <Neko> an import oh .hack fragment dmc3 ffx2 [17:37] <Neko> ffx [17:37] <DragonStone> .....what? [17:37] <Neko> adbrevation to lazy to spell the whole thing [17:37] <DragonStone> oh [17:37] <DragonStone> lol [17:37] <Akurei> lazyness [17:37] <DragonStone> FTW [17:37] <Neko> so [17:38] <Akurei> ? [17:38] <DragonStone> For The Win [17:38] <Akurei> dunno [17:38] <Neko> i love skubo [17:38] <Akurei> ... [17:38] <Neko> lol [17:38] <Akurei> skubo? [17:39] <Neko> from dot hack G.U [17:39] <Akurei> what's skubo?? [17:39] <Neko> the emobitch he she [17:39] <DragonStone> is this based off of R:1 or R:2 [17:39] <Neko> all three [17:39] <DragonStone> O.O oh rly! [17:39] <Neko> you the girl who is allway ner en [17:39] <Akurei> i haven't read all of the .hacks... [17:40] <DragonStone> me niether lol [17:40] <Neko> the game [17:40] <Neko> i have played them all waced al the anime and read all the books [17:40] <Shadow of Death> I read all but GU+ and XXXX [17:40] <Neko> xxx [17:40] <Akurei> nor played the games or watched the anime [17:40] <DragonStone> all i ever wached or read was the Legend of the Twilight Bracelet [17:41] <Shadow of Death> So technically, I did read all the books. And it's XXXX [17:41] <Neko> wate o ya it is [17:41] <Akurei> ive only read, like1 set [17:41] <DragonStone> i got to go [17:41] <Neko> go to this to see sakubo i logged out. so, there is more to come (if there is any players on >.<) and if you want to be in one, first there has to be at least 3 other players. 2 i have to be on 3. it has to be a little interesting. RIGHT NOW IM PLAYING <----- note NOW as in when i post this!
  9. *sigh* i cant go to the meeting (maybe next time) still cant download the game *sigh*
  10. I say (IFi was a girl) i would say Ovan.
  11. YAY a meeting, thank you for picking saturday (i wander what time is it in central time)
  12. woops! forgot about that, lol (i hope she thinks its funny
  13. They should have changed rena's voice. Manga is better because you can make up the voices of the characters, and not have to deal with "some" voices, like rena's. Random Note: we should have a random hamster dance event.
  14. i will volunteer my character to be like a bonus point wack-a-mole thing-a-ma-jig. But only during holidays (i dont want to lag the whole game because the players have the possible chance to hit me with a hammer).
  15. anytime during the break is fine (i wont have to worry about school), but i am not the one calling the shots.
  16. BEFOR YOU READ: This is me playing The World (all of the fun is on the chat) enjoy :3 How did i get -4 rep. Now its -5!!! (does someone hate me!?) OMG its -7!!!!!! this is agravating Enjoy Logged in. You are currently set to talk in "Local" mode. Only players near you will be able to hear you. You can change mode by clicking the icons above this chat box. 1 other player online: rollingdices <rollingdices> yeahh <rollingdices> welcome back <DragonStone> hi <DragonStone> just got off of the BBS <DragonStone> yesterday was funny *tries to play a painfull flashback* <rollingdices> yeah sure <rollingdices> hey, starting from now i'll save my chat log <DragonStone> .......how you do that? Thought: i am a noob <rollingdices> on top right of the chatbox <rollingdices> click the notepad icon <DragonStone> cool <rollingdices> dont worry im a noob too <DragonStone> no you aren't thought: i am not alone :3 <DragonStone> what do you wanna do? <rollingdices> go to the bar? <rollingdices> hehehe <DragonStone> .....where is it Thought: good thing they dont have cars in this game <rollingdices> lol <rollingdices> or a bike <rollingdices> like .hack//G.U. <DragonStone> good point <rollingdices> oh wait for around 20 minutes <rollingdices> i want to take a shower <DragonStone> okay.... thought: again? <DragonStone> yay for good higien (typo) <DragonStone> ...too many do <DragonStone> :D :P :3 ^.^ ^-^ ^___^ [08:01] <DragonStone> *turns on time stamps* okay now i can do my journal better *____* [08:02] <DragonStone> *runs around warp gate* [08:04] <DragonStone> *goes get sis.* thought: i need to borrow her flash drive :3 [08:06] <DragonStone> i am just gonna e-mail me journal :3 [08:06] <rollingdices> Hi im back [08:06] <DragonStone> Hi [08:06] <rollingdices> Ah... [08:07] <rollingdices> *feels refreshed* [08:07] <DragonStone> that didnt take as long as i thought it would [08:08] <DragonStone> hey...i noticed somethin [08:08] <rollingdices> ? [08:09] <DragonStone> if you look at this part of the map it looks like a.....ummmm thought: i will let him figure it out [08:10] <DragonStone> we are standing on a......lol :3 [08:10] <rollingdices> hmmm... [08:10] <rollingdices> eye? [08:10] <DragonStone> look bigger [08:10] <rollingdices> nonono nvm [08:10] <DragonStone> :3 [08:11] <DragonStone> let me spell it out [08:11] <rollingdices> i dont get it [08:11] <DragonStone> *sigh* [08:11] <rollingdices> spit it out [08:11] <DragonStone> it is a boob...... [08:12] <DragonStone> its a b o o b [08:12] <rollingdices> OHHH DAMN [08:12] <DragonStone> lolololololololololol [08:12] <rollingdices> you're right [08:12] <DragonStone> i wander if the person noticed [08:12] <rollingdices> i didn't notice the 2x2 square on the middle [08:13] <DragonStone> most random thing i saw today [08:13] <DragonStone> oh.. HI [08:13] <rollingdices> hi aqua [08:13] <Aqua> Hi [08:13] <Aqua> O your on [08:13] <rollingdices> Yeah [08:13] <Aqua> I emailed u rolling dices [08:14] <rollingdices> I read it [08:14] <Aqua> O [08:14] <DragonStone> rollingdices: dont tell her about the thing [08:14] <DragonStone> hi Aqua [08:14] <rollingdices> ok... [08:14] <DragonStone> rollingdices: :3 [08:15] <DragonStone> what do y'all want to do [08:15] <rollingdices> go to the labyrinth? [08:15] <Aqua> Ill only be on Mon. thru Fri. 2pm - 4pm Maybe TommorowIll go on [08:15] <DragonStone> ok thought: here we go again [08:16] <Aqua> * thinking to self* [08:16] <Aqua> O ill go [08:16] <Aqua> too [08:16] <rollingdices> Do you know the keyword? [08:16] <Aqua> r we going to go or wait [08:16] <DragonStone> lets go :3 [08:16] <Aqua> O ye$#$ (blocked it, so find your own keywords) We all go to the maze..... [08:17] <rollingdices> lets go [08:17] <DragonStone> ok [08:17] <Aqua> im going [08:18] <DragonStone> logging out [08:18] <Aqua> Ok [08:18] <rollingdices> hey aqua have you been here before? [08:18] <DragonStone> no, are you logging out [08:18] <Aqua> Yes im not new [08:19] <Aqua> It was on one of the boards [08:19] <rollingdices> O [08:20] <rollingdices> did u reached the end of the labyrinth? [08:20] <DragonStone> me? yeah [08:21] <DragonStone> it's cool [08:21] <rollingdices> no i mean aqua [08:21] <DragonStone> oh...sry [08:21] <rollingdices> ok [08:21] <DragonStone> you have to move out by right clicking [08:22] <rollingdices> btw where are u dragon? [08:22] <DragonStone> right by you [08:22] <rollingdices> i prefer the arrow keys [08:22] <rollingdices> i dont see u [08:22] <rollingdices> hey aqua lets go [08:23] <rollingdices> Sorry please wait for a minute [08:23] <DragonStone> ok [08:23] <Aqua> sry [08:23] <DragonStone> its ok [08:23] <Aqua> i couldnt go [08:24] <Aqua> wait for rollingdices [08:24] <Aqua> please [08:24] <DragonStone> okay [08:24] <Aqua> actully [08:24] <DragonStone> thought: must be lagging [08:25] <Aqua> hopefully hes not doing something for a long time [08:25] <DragonStone> hopefully..... [08:25] <Aqua> Yep [08:26] <DragonStone> i am doing a journal based on the chat [08:26] <Aqua> really [08:27] <DragonStone> yeap, you noticed the note pad symbol [08:27] <DragonStone> right by the minimize button [08:27] <Aqua> Yeah [08:27] <Aqua> But I never tried it [08:28] <Aqua> Ill try it [08:28] <DragonStone> ok [08:29] <Aqua> Ok I saw iy [08:29] <Aqua> *it* [08:29] <DragonStone> it just saves what we say (type) [08:30] <Aqua> Put your Chat on Global [08:30] <DragonStone> srry i got to go :P [08:30] <Aqua> Ok [08:30] <DragonStone> bye [08:30] <Aqua> Im gonna go in the maze [08:30] <Aqua> bye I logged out (i was at my Ma Ma's and i was going home that morning) LOL, back to school (then out just as fast) FYI: I cant post anything like this yet because my dad needs to throw away some junk off this computer (mine crashed) so i cant downloud "The World" and i will only be able to check this during weekends (one of my dad's strict rules) i MIGHT be able to go to my local library. see you on The World at christmas break P.S. i might be able to download "The World" before christmas break. (i doudt). Post merged: [time]1259402032[/time]can any one plz tell me how i could possibly get -4 rep. (am i doing something wrong?)
  17. wow, how did you make these, very great.
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