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Who's playing what? ... And how can I join them?!

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@Crim: It really did. I think I played for a few days, got to about level twenty-three, and quit. It's pretty hard to find a really good MMORPG nowadays.

it is, but ive been keeping tabs on Aion, and it looks amazing..

also, Diablo 3 is coming along very very nicely.

those unfortunately are games of the future for now :D (Aion should be out next month i think)

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Gets me one 2 please. I can't get one cause it seems to be very strange but..

The people who DON'T care.. and are straight up lazy.. they GET the job...

But the people who DO care.. and actualy do stuff.. they DON'T get the job...

Maybe I need to transfer sides here..

ive noticed that also.. plus around where i am at, people who get the job are high school student who dont need one, unlike me, in college and in need of a way to help pay it, can't get the job. its stupid.

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Oh man..i play alot of games...at many different times..see i loike to explore and play different games...so lets see if i can remember what i've played...




pokemon world online



diablo 1 & 2


World Of Warcraft

Final Fantasy 11

DnD online ( was kinda dumb)

Gates of Andaron (basically a free version of wow..= )

Runes of Magic

and i've mess around with private servers for runescape which suck lol.

And thats about it computer wise..360 wise i play Halo3,Gears 2(rarely), BorderLands, Gh3,MW2(when i get it), Dragon Age (when i get it), And Left 4 dead 2(when i get it) lol.

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