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Who's playing what? ... And how can I join them?!

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My list is kinda long.... But hear I go...

Guild Wars




Perfect World

Star Wars Galaxies

S4 League

Pirates if the Caribbean

WoW *Use to play it with school buddies but kinda never played it since*

The World

The World (CyberConnects Version)

Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Online *Tried it once but for some reason I had the biggest problem with moving around, sadly never played again*

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Guest BobRaygen

I played and tryed to many games to say them. Since i hate those game with the super cute not moving puffy charayter games where all you do is go from boring map to boaring map. I try 3d games like rohan blood fude but that gets to easy after a while.  the nexon games are fun but i barly play them anymore(since they are turning into the first catagory(ok ms is but the others i either don't or can't play) whenever i find a good game it crashes the next day. (stubu hackers...) so that is why i am here. I loved the series and the "i hate the community but loves ur money" rounite from some of the cc staff and the other problem(dosn't work) that i will explain(dosen't work) will be short (dosen't) and(dosen't) simple(dosne't work) there sowft ware is to old for my com(dosne't work)puter. *wispers from some1* what ,this post is supose to be for ranting about how there isn't any good games*more wispers* and that i gave to much info *even more wispers* and that i was just sopse to list games i play?*yells*YEASH.o well you don't have to be so mean about it. just delet the post*wispers* if i already know it will be delted whta is the point? Who don't like s laugh every once in a while?*wispers* wait what was this post about again? let me press the post buttun and scroll to the top to find out.

O that is what it is bout again

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I play....

Guild Wars

Shin Mega Tensai(The New Mega Disaster): Imagine online

Dream of Mirror

The World




omg another star craft person!in all my years or searching i neevr though...*rants on like always*

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i have a rpg of my own online right now.

aside from that. i play only two others outside of this those are samurai of legend id number [92299] i gave the id number because i change my display name a lot on there,

and the last one is theninja-server2, i'm under the name itachi1213 the most.

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well. only the forum half is open too all right now, the text based rpg version is still in a closed state, one of my friends that's working on it with me and a few other people can't figure out how to set it up so some things recover,  anyways the url for the forum version is ninjamaster129.proboards.com, the whole thing is based around the show bleach.  in fact right now i could use some ideas to get more people to be on it and be active. also.  people can find the url  on that globe icon anywhere i've posted.

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half of it is online, the other half is in closed beta.  and it's a text based rpg. beleive it or not, text based online rpgs are in fact mmorpgs.

anyways. the whole thing is hard to explain because we haven't thought out everything yet.

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