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  1. No, what happened was I tried to log into my old account. That didn't work. So what I was asking was if they could delete that account, along with the characters in it. And THEN what happened was that I created a new account. That worked.
  2. Okay. I read that. And was like, "Wut." o.o'''
  3. I don't remember my username or password to get into my account in the game. I tried to make a new one but it says that my character's still there. TT^TT Could someone please delete that account and the character or something? Please? ;^;
  4. Oh gawd. I just, like, revealed myself.

  5. This is... new?

    1. Crim


      hai thar. and kinda?

    2. Balmung of the Azure Homo

      Balmung of the Azure Homo

      You just slow.. and late on everything :D

  6. You're little. lol.

  7. Hi Rei What'd I miss?

  8. New pic! Just drawn today.
  9. So.... today my cousin wanted me to draw these two fairies from dollmaker. They were of her and her friend. I worked on her fairy and now it's done! :3 Now to get the other one finished.... >.>'
  10. Added in the pie. PIE! ((Pie....is NOT a lie. :3)) Actually, it's on my laptop... ^-^' ...and now it's on the list! :3
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