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  1. Anji Roru Aurarios: "Good news everyone. The dothackers.net website has been updated about a .hack//Segment featuring videos. If you want to see it, visit their site since they have it there on their page. Ja mata, friends."
  2. Anji Roru Aurarios: "I think the story of .hack//Quantum is probably a prequel before 2024 of that Kite(Sora) character that will appear on that year date. And also I think I have heard somewhere that CC2 is passing on the series to a trustworthy host near their production since the CC2 company are currently making their Solartorobo game project right now."
  3. Anji Roru Aurarios: "Uhm...I have notice that there are little to some topics that have couple to several words that are bad. Can anyone create a blockade to some of them? And also create some rules upon that as well? Thank you in advance."
  4. Anji-chan likes curry, but Demora-chan likes Mabo Tofu with no rice on it

    1. hawthorneluke


      Ma-bo doufu FTW!!! :D

      Although I'm pretty sure IT'd be on the rice :P

      Or ra-men for an interesting change :D

  5. Anji Roru Aurarios: "Konnichi wa. Anji-chan here. While my sister is busy doing something in her room and I really don't know what is she doing there, I was reading an article from Anime News Network and...oh my goodness....check it out below and enjoy. Ja mata." http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2010-07-12/top-10-for-now/anime-papercrafts
  6. Demora: "Ditto for that one, Anji-neesan."

  7. Anji: "COOL!! I like how the design is made."

  8. Anji Roru Aurarios:D/b] "Konnichi wa. Anji-chan here." Demora Roru Aurarios:P/b] "Yo. Demora-san is in the house as well." Anji & Demora: "And we are here to brought up something exciting to show to everyone today from the E3 Convention." Anji Roru Aurarios: "Tehee. I am soooo excited to see this coming. Our Youtube friend, NintenDaanNC, has brought up several games that gamers would love to get their hands on. Demora Roru Aurarios: "Here it is below. Enjoy watching these several trailers." SONIC COLORS RAVING RABBID: TRAVEL IN TIME THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: SKYWARD SWORD POKEPARK WII: PIKACHU'S ADVENTURE PROFESSOR LAYTON AND THE UNWOUND FUTURE GOLDEN SUN: DARK DAWN POKEMON RANGER: GUARDIAN SIGNS EPIC MICKEY BEHIND THE SCENES OF EPIC MICKEY KID ICARUS UPRISING Anji Roru Aurarios: "There you have it folks. Several out of thousands of these trailers are already showing. But we might update soon if there is anything interesting to brought it up. Ja mata." Demora Roru Aurarios: "See you later. Do not forget to comment here of what you think about these trailers."
  9. Demora Roru Aurarios:D/b] "Another question in mind. Does anyone ever try using MikuMikuDance, PMD Editor, and 3D Custom Girl programs along with Blender to create character models? Check in Youtube, it is everywhere. In fact, I will add some video samples to demonstrate what they are. The rest is up to you." Here are two websites if anyone want to get their hands on of the program and additional models. http://www.geocities.jp/higuchuu4/index_e.htm http://www6.atwiki.jp/vpvpwiki/ ?Miku Miku Dance?PMD tutorial WARNING!! THIS VIDEO CONTAINS HIGHLY MATURE POSES BELOW!! BEWARE!! Sadly, the only programs that I cannot find is the 3D Custom Girl program. It is hard to search for it.
  10. Anji Roru Aurarios:D/b] "Konnichi wa, everyone." Demora Roru Aurarios:P/b] "Yo." Anji Roru Aurarios: It has been a while that we have talked since the Phoenix Wright Musical. So anyway, we have something special for those of you who are Touhou Fans out there." *Demora shows a video link below.* ai sp@ce ? ??Project PV Anji Roru Aurarios: "Tada. This one. I am so amazed of seeing this one showing in Youtube. Isn't that right Demora-neesan." Demora Roru Aurarios: "Whatever, sis. Besides, you drag me here in the first place." Anji Roru Aurarios: Uhh, hehe. Anyway, here is this link below of the official Japanese Touhou Project of AI Sp@ce. Enjoy watching the video and browsing around that site. Ja mata." http://aisp.jp/t/
  11. Anji Roru Aurarios:D/b] "Konnichi wa. This is Anji-chan here..." Demora Roru Aurarios: "Yo. Demora-san is here as well..." Anji & Demora: "...and we have an important announcement that was recently been discovered." Anji Roru Aurarios: "A new 3rd generation of dothack is coming real soon, but it is not a game, nope nope." Demora Roru Aurarios: "What my sister is trying to say that it will be an upcoming anime series of the dothack saga." Anji Roru Aurarios: "This is really exciting, I even copy a picture founded from the dothackers.net Forum. Here it is below." Demora Roru Aurarios: "Hmm...from what I am seeing, the new Kite(Sora) character has a different design, along with the return of BlackRose, Orca, Balmung, and also AINA as well. Anji Roru Aurarios: "Does my eyes deceive me or is that a new cat-like character appeared in this picture? And is that a dragon blowing its torch next to it?" Demora Roru Aurarios: "It appears that it might be a new generation of Macha or Mia and that dragon....maybe it is the Twilight Dragon? Who knows." Anji Roru Aurarios: "Tehee. Cannot wait for the Summer time as it is almost here. I want to know more of this story as it is still in progress." Demora Roru Aurarios: "Anyway, in other news, the dothackers.net Forum has recently updated about the .hack//LIVE that recently been held few days ago, so check over there and see it for yourself. You will be shocked of what you will find there." Anji Roru Aurarios: "Alrighty then..." Anji & Demora: "Arigatou for listening. Ja mata."
  12. Demora Roru Aurarios:D/b] "Hehe...more video clips from Youtube of the Phoenix Wright Musical. But sadly there is no translations of whatsoever from these vids. So, if you can understand them, pat yourself on the back with gratitude. Enjoy watching it below." Phoenix Wright The Musical LAST DAY_01????? Phoenix Wright The Musical LAST DAY_02????? Phoenix Wright: The Musical Takarazuka ??????? ????????????? Phoenix Wright Musical 2 Review - Only In Japan
  13. Demora Roru Aurarios:D/b] "Hmm...just curious in curiosity...have you ever try using Sketch Google and 3D Blender to make buildings and landscapes?"
  14. Anji Roru Aurarios:D/b] "Konnichi wa. This is Anji-chan here..." Demora Roru Aurarios: "Yo. This is Demora speaking to you all mortals as well..." Anji & Demora: "...and we have a good brought about video about from the ever popular Capcom game: Phoenix Wright." Anji Roru Aurarios: "This is getting very exciting to me, right sis?" Demora Roru Aurarios: "Eh, maybe. Anyway, I was browsing in the cyber world from my laptop when suddenly, I have stumble upon this interesting musical video of Phoenix Wright. Anji Roru Aurarios: "Demora-neesan showed it to me and I too watched it as well. It was very fascinating." Demora Roru Aurarios: "At first I was not interested about this ace attorney named Phoenix Wright when they released it long ago until this musical came along from Japan from last year. I am then hooked about it and learned more about its storyline concept." Anji Roru Aurarios: "It was almost similar to the game but they made the plot a bit different onto the theater stage." Demora Roru Aurarios: "So for further ado, I give you the video for the Act1-2009 of Phoenix Wright the Musical. If you want to see more of these, check GKKLJapan's Channel on Youtube as he or she was the one posting samples of the 3-4 hour performance. Oh and yes this person had mentioned about a DVD of last year's performance. Anji Roru Aurarios: "Also, Act2-2010 of Phoenix Wright the Musical is also introduced in GKKLJapan's Channel since about over 3 months ago. Anji & Demora: "Enjoy watching the video below." Phoenix Wright the Musical, Part 1 (with subtitles)
  15. Demora Roru Aurarios:D/b] "Yo. This is Demora speaking to all mortals and creatures alike. A special short video from over a week ago had been created by none other than KamiNekoYu the awesome artist of making animations including the special unofficial series, Touhou. Enjoy watching it below." ?PV? ? Flan in Wonderland ? ????????? ? Puchi PVs #01 ?
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