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  1. Smittee has an art update for you! Some sites change. Others remain. www.dokuga.com -I write www.fanfiction.net - I write www.gaiaonline.com -I rp. http://dumplingandwolfie.webs.com/ - My comics and art And, I still have the photobucket. I have other sites I write and draw on, but they are 18+
  2. Anime won't be dead, as long as there's still people fighting for good stuff. >.>
  3. Your avatar is really cool :O

  4. Banned for earlier comment on dentist, because I did see one and have had an appointment given to me way the heck in future instead of closer.
  5. Okay. This may help. Person 1: Post Person 2: Post Person 1: Banner Person 3: Post Person 2: Banner for person 3 Etc.
  6. I think that is precisely it. That's what I got out of reading what was suppose to be. Although, I'm sure there would be no problem, if you wanted to post again and make someone else a banner, I can see where the creator of the thread would accept that. Though, it looks like to me you post, person posts, you make banner and post it, and that's it. The post of the banner doesn't look to be counted as a regular post. If I confuse the masses, please tell me. I'm a wordy person sometimes. @.@
  7. For the knowledge of demon. The first person to actually post under you was me. >.< Then, your next post was 'This is the sig...' with nothing else on said post but your signature. I'm fine with not getting a sig, but through all the confusion of who was suppose to do a sig for who, I realized that it seemed like my name was invisible to the memory. I didn't say anything, because I thought, like many I'm sure have done, one would go back, look at one's very first post, and then look under it. Smittee just didn't want to feel like her post is invisible anymore. I made a separate topic, so that no one would have to post their confusion on this one anymore, so that those playing this game wouldn't get confused on who they make a banner for in the future. That idea failed too. For those who are posting, this post doesn't count. I just wanting to get this off the mind.
  8. It's not dying. It's just- OMG! Legend of Dragoon! O.O AWWWWWESOOOOME!
  9. There! All getting confused, because we won't stop talking on it, after we've already posted once. We were only suppose to post twice in there: To say 'here I am' and to post the banner of the person below us. And yet, here we are all confused, because we didn't listen to the rules of the creator of the topic. @.@ This is a topic I thought I should made, so people can discuss their confusion. That way, everything can be figured out who makes a banner for who. That way, we don't confuse anymore people that pop on there that want to do it too. Honestly, I don't mind that mine is made or not. I posted because I wanted to make one for someone. @.@ I just saw how many were starting to get disappointed, because there's hadn't been made yet. This sounded like a good idea to make.
  10. True, that it isn't a sequel, and it is to be an mmo. I didn't hear about it till I accidentally found the trailer yesterday. I've been so out of the loop, since I haven't been able to save up for anything. (The money I make is saved up, just to be given to my mother for bills and things so...) I would sign up for the beta, but I'm still not sure on the story plot. @.@ It's funny. I'm tired of start in war Final Fantasies, but my favorite has always been 8. Am I started to change my likings to nine, since I keep wanting to play it??
  11. http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/ Yes, the link says it all. They just put FF XIII on the market. They are already showing signs of XIV??? Did this just new game not hit as big as they thought? I wouldn't really know. I can't afford to pay for 13 yet. If 14 is the online game they were talking about one buying and then it's free to play after that, I'll be ve3ry happy. The monthly costs I had been told about is why I didn't play XI. Well, that and that I didn't have money at the time for it either. So, what does one think? Will it be good? So far, it looks similar to the races used in XI. I'd be more excited if they stayed out of the other worlds, like Ivalice, and go back to Terra or Gaia. Or maybe just bring back the older games again. My poor Final Fantasy IX can't be played anymore. :D It would be nice if they brought it back out, along with all the other PSONE games. Even if they don't upgrade it, or add in new cinemas (which I'm perfectly fine with the idea of them NOT doing it), I would be happy to see them come back. Let's not forget that evil FF7 remade opening trailer we always see. >.> That one would be good if they did remake it a bit. Square hands to bug me after a while. @.@ Though, that rumor/teasing trailer only makes it worse. ~.~ I'm not even a big fan of 7. Though maybe, just maybe, some improvement to it may make me enjoy it a little more. (It's not just the graphics. I just like FF 8 better.) Anywho! This is about 14. The storyline is, once again, a war setting. War settings are nice, don't get me wrong. They just seem to be doing a lot more of that. Who knows what 'The Twelve', or their 'gods' for the game will look like. Probably a bunch of new summonings popping up too. I'm unsure. I'm starting to really miss Shiva though. :P She should have never been made a ship. *sigh* Besides all that, it does look pretty in the cinematic. I see a lot more knightly roles. That also doesn't help. I don't like Paladins, and there seems to be more and more of that class coming in all the games coming out. >.> Maybe make the main character a bowmen. That would be awesome! Sooo, what does everyone else think? If any of you have played Final Fantasy 13, please tell me what you thought of it. It's the first time I didn't want to play a FF; and, it's not because of the price in all actuality with it. Storyline just didn't seem like something I would enjoy. Though, I may be surprised. Who knows? Smittee wants some juicy info that may make her want to play it.
  12. What happened is that people began talking on the thread, like I have. Then, people got confused on who was really next. And that is why there is confusion. @.@ At least, I think that is what's going on. *noddles*
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