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  1. I liked alot of the more popular series (One peice, Bleach, Naruto, Inuyasha) Until they started dragging it waaaaay out and i just got bored f them... naruto as just *Ninja wachah !* and One peice just got outright stupid :D, then bleach is a bunch of dead people fighting O.o and Inuyasha was draggged out far o long. I prefer anime series like FMA that are less than 65 episodes and are entertaining...
  2. Iza post a list now mkay ? Loveless (Up to 8) - Shounen Ai / Fantasy / 6th grader ristsuka + Pedophile soubi + Magickal world of spells = Do the math ... Legal Drug (Up to 3) - Implied Shounen Ai / Fantasy/ Kazahaya Kudo gets lost in a snowstorm; rescued by hot guy who he now works with in a drugstore full of pshychic people... Cute Beast - Yaoi / Shounen Ai / Realistic / Short stories about high schoolers and well umm they .. yeah... o.o Bleach - Mainstream -FAKE- - Shounen Ai / Yaoi (Last volume) / Suspense/ Realistic / Half japanese guy Ryo moves to the 27th precint in new york to work
  3. Who am I? Why do you ask that which you already know? You do not know!? Why do you lie? No? Stop for no matter what your answer may be? It too is a lie. So you still wish for me to answer that ludicrous question? Fine? I shall comply for nothing more than my own satisfaction of showing you the truth. I am the omnipresent source of jealousy, the need for that which lies far beyond your reach. I am Envy. I am a seed born of Envy, the urge to take until nothing Is left, to gorge for one?s own satisfaction. I am Greed. I am Gluttony. I am born of Greed, the need of release, an escape from my delu
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