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  1. Perhaps I was wrong, but that kind of advertising technique by anybody screams that it's less than legitimate. That thread combined with a general lack of evidence to support the "backed by Riot Games" claim would generally be more than enough to come to my conclusion - though perhaps the blame lies on the lack of any sort of apparent user distinction (no avatars, everybody in that thread is listed as a Junior Member) on the League forums. "Backed by Riot Games" implies a lot more to me than simply providing RP for the event, and I was expecting some form of official endorsement to be shown.
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    2. Walnut


      guys mmf is better than any other language i no this bcuz i maed a zelda fangame in it :( it features a walking link that sometimes goes in the wrong direction but im hopin to fix that bugz

    3. Minalien


      God damnit, Nathan.

    4. Crim


      american is the best language

  2. Why? There are plenty of free or relatively inexpensive file hosting solutions elsewhere, and (some) games can get quite large and cumbersome. Perhaps a public project gallery system that linked to externally-hosted game downloads would be fitting, but there's too much that can go wrong with hosting a game's executable files here.
  3. Nice to know that there are some people watching. The tutorials are going to be on a hiatus for the next three weeks or so, I'm going through a Ciscno networking course so my focus is split. I'll be doing some background work preparing for them, however, so I'll be ready to hit the ground running with Tutorial 3 and on afterwards.
  4. I'm considering possibly doing a simultaneous rbSFML (Ruby) build of the project while I go through this tutorial, if there's any interest.
  5. In this (in-progress) tutorial series, I cover the creation of a basic Legend of Zelda fan game using C++ and SFML. The tutorial series covers the creation of the project within a Windows and OS X environment using Visual C++ 2010 and XCode 4, respectively. Tutorial Directory: http://minalien.com/category/tutorials/sfml-zelda/ GitHUB URL: https://github.com/Minalien/SFML-Zelda Tutorial 1: Introduction & Setup Tutorial 2A: Project Setup In Visual C++ 2010 Tutorial 2B: Project Setup In XCode 4 (In Progress) More to Come (Excerpt from series introduction) Welcome to my newest tutoria
  6. Fanime in two weeks. >:3

    1. Minalien


      Fanime is an anime convention in San Jose. :p

  7. Lost Garden article on using Game Logs in place of the infamous Game Design Document. http://bit.ly/k9YP0i

    1. Walnut


      This was a pretty good read btw. I thoroughly enjoyed it. What was really nice was seeing how similar it was already to my internal design system :P

    2. Minalien


      Honestly, that's probably why it works so well - it's a more natural and fluid way of managing the design process.

  8. You are now consciously aware of your breathing.

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    2. lelouchxLamperouge


      I am nothing of the sort.

    3. Crim


      you are now reading what i typed.

    4. hawthorneluke


      There's a lot of nows

  9. Updated the post to be a general code snippet/utility list. Added a C++ application log file utility. :f
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