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  1. Does FMOD have any midi functions? I really need to learn how to use midi functions :D
  2. Yeah, Balmung knows about this stuff...
  3. Yes, you do have to pay for it :D Of course you do lol
  4. I use FL Studio 9 XXL edition Good 'ol fruityloops
  5. Thanks! I'll work on a special Crim version of the song, with no "remixy stuff" :P Thank you Luke! Gosh, I didn't know people would actually like these songs! Ahaha! Yeah, my songs aren't for everyone... Feel free to make lyrics for them, if you can fit them with the song that is!
  6. Hell yea. Perhaps we could have dancing lobsters?
  7. The Aura PM's did infact exist at one point, until all that got dropped. A lot of people are online, just at different times etc. Most of us have things like school, work, and other general things to do. So keep trying, eventually you'll find someone online.
  8. I WANT THE PIE It looks so good :L Great drawings Rei, as always :D
  9. I know one! It's called C++ To be honest, there isn't a good "MMORPG Maker" out there, you would need to code it yourself if you want to make a good one.
  10. Banned for looking at someones profile and using their join date as a ban :3
  11. So basically, you're making the corridor in The Matrix?
  12. Wow.... E-drama Dude, you just called an admin a "hobkocker" Great move (!)
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