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  1. I used to be obsessed with StepMania! Unfortunately, I had to uninstall everything because it was taking up waaay too much space in my computer. :D
  2. Oh wow. This is just becoming a bit ridiculous. Well, while you're on the topic of making up 'rumors' at the top of your head, please-- do allow me to contribute. This character's friend's sister swore that she went to the rave field, took four steps to the left and three step down, waited approximately eighteen minutes and twenty-six seconds, and then was warped to this very glitchy area filled with pink llamas. Of course, she said that it only works at 2:38 am EST. amidoinitrite? :|
  3. This thread makes me giggle. Well, not exactly the 'thread' as much as the current topic at hand. Melody, or whoever, is a silly player who's just trying to make a 'mysterious' persona and happens to be failing... miserably. I have a little hunch as to who may be behind the character, but I don't want to go about pointing fingers. -shot-
  4. Banned for having a matching signature and avatar.
  5. In-Game Name: Kanaria Date/Time Available: Any day; has to be after 5 PM EST on weekdays. :D
  6. @Haseo: Oh! I almost forgot about Tabby! I absolutely agree! [/totallystraight]
  7. I loved Air Gear. As far as my favorite characters go, I'd have to say they are Akito/Agito, Simca, and Kazu. ? I've only read bits and pieces of the manga, but I've seen the entire first season-- and the ending was a bit of a disappointment, but hey. It's still a title I definitely recommend. Copy paste: "Both the anime and manga have gained a lot of popularity, both in the east and the west, now have quite a large fan base[15]. BlogCritics said "It mixes this action and comedy quite well with a storyline that doesn't fail to leave a reader wanting more."[16]. The anime has often been cri
  8. This. Yes yes! Join the clan!~
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