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  1. I made a thread where you can get Vindictus Early Access Beta Key's if you're interested in playing!

    1. lelouchxLamperouge


      I accidentally your thread

  2. That's cause 4chan thought that a symbol that everyone already knows should be a stupid meme for no reason. I use the facepalm not as a meme, but because what the facepalm already means. YOU SIR LOSE. /CAT FACE
  3. The Facepalm was for the fail of using the old age meme.
  4. Got myself a Early Access Open Beta Key for Vindictus. Hell yes.

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    2. lelouchxLamperouge


      shushors crim, its awesome

    3. Balmung of the Azure Homo

      Balmung of the Azure Homo

      You never heard of it cause your too busy fapping with the Wii. /Cat Face

    4. Crim


      nah, just starcraft 2 lol.

  5. Hai, I am teh Balverine and I liek Anime. Ohai GM

  6. Nice 7 month old bump. Sam is beyond inactive on this board, so don't expect a reply.. ever.
  7. Duke Nukem Forever is finally coming! BOUT DAMN TIME!

  8. Dead Rising: Case Zero comes out tomorrow. WOOT :D

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    2. Balmung of the Azure Homo

      Balmung of the Azure Homo

      Oh yeah. The movement wasn't really a problem for me and the framerate might have been because they decided to push the limit on how much zombies they can get onto your screen at once (Like DR1 didn't prove enough) but when the game releases, me and my friend are getting it for the PC and gonna Co-Op the hell out of it :D

    3. GakkenGod


      thats mean man you know me...

    4. Balmung of the Azure Homo
  9. Went from Hellsing to ef ~ a tale of memories. Thats going from BLOODY to WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN AND WHY IS THIS DEPRESSING? I can't stick to something plain and simple.. I have to watch the ones that look interesting. Well, another 2 anime down :P

  10. Its ok :D It really wasn't known unless you were already involved in the other thread so it was a real "Inside" kinda thing. Having a dedicated thread to it like this isn't so bad really. You know what? CONTRIBUTING! Currently Reading: - Highschool of the Dead (Also watching the Anime) - The World Only God Knows - Onihime VS - Change 123 - Freezing - Mayoi Neko Overrun! - Triage X (Same person who is doing Highschool of the Dead)
  11. I'm in your Minecraft, mining away!

    1. lelouchxLamperouge


      I'm in your bowl eatin your ramenz.

    2. Akurei Yoshima

      Akurei Yoshima

      no, i eating ur ramen.

      an' don't mine under my house. me no wan'it to collapse.

  12. Here It says Manga Lists, but it was basically also ending up being used for as "What are you reading" thread also.
  13. Went to the Blizzard event : Cataclysm is win (WOO WORGEN) and Diablo 3 is AWESOME (Witchdoctor. Thats who i'm playing)

    1. Crim


      ew, monk ftw.. maybe wizard.. :P but i guess playing and watching how a character works makes a difference.

    2. Balmung of the Azure Homo

      Balmung of the Azure Homo

      Well the Monk was my 1st choice, but he wasn't as enjoyable to me as the Witch-Doctor. The Monk's skills felt too mouse-clicky cause they were palm attacks with 3 different parts and it was just bleh. The Witch-Doctor is like a fun version of the Necromancer (which wasn't very fun to me). Didn't get a chance to try Wizard (Bro said he was ok, and none of us (4 people total) tried the Barbarian so :P 3 People tried Witch-doctor and 2 tried Monk (I was only 1 to try 2 chars lol)

  14. Damn, for some reason I confused Ecchi with Hentai was expecting win.. but only got half win :( J/K, nice find :D
  15. Herp Derp i'm a gold fish!

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    2. Balmung of the Azure Homo

      Balmung of the Azure Homo


      GDU Radio is another time. Since I had it only for like 3-4 days straight, not gonna go for 24/7 until told otherwise.

    3. lelouchxLamperouge
    4. lelouchxLamperouge


      noddin my head like hurr

      swinging my hips like durr

  16. Nevermind on the LoL Tourney. We won by a forfeit cause they never showed :P +1 for us

  17. The League of Legends Tournament i'm in is about to start soon. Our match is 9:30pm, wish me luck :P

  18. GD-U Radio is back up! : http://gd-u.com:8000/index.html

    1. Apeiron


      that wasn't long at all O.o in other news... more jams!

    2. lelouchxLamperouge


      I'm gonna be listening here in a second.

    3. Nekocat
  19. GD-U Radio will be down for the night (computer updates and such) but expect it to be returned as soon as i'm awake.

  20. Looking for pronz, what else? I don't really remember what I was doing to come by this site.. totally blank. I first met Luke when I was asking about being able to map... then I mistook him for an asian... ... man was I wrong... And I met GM through a bit of everywhere, mainly Skype + MSN and we just became good friends from there :P
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