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Keyword thread! ^^


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honestly i think thats dumb... a person should find a place on their own. Of course hints are ok, but giving out the keywords is just stupid, all the work and time some people spend finding a place is all wasted once someone posts all keywords. (my opinion)

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Just cause a thread says share them or something, doesn't mean give out an entire list of words. Not only does it ruining everyones fun, it makes people mad who actualy spent time looking for them by themselves.

Please, even as a normal person I ask you to do the right thing and remove them..

(Luke or a Mod.. this would be a GREAT time to step in and remove those)

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the forum should not have the topic  then

The topic was created by a someones idea of sharing everything that MIGHT have seemed like a cool idea, but ruins the idea of them being secrets and needing work to find them. Whats the use of having "Secrets" if there instantly given to you. Ones that are already posted are the posters fault for ruining it and you have to actualy look to find them. But saying ALL of them ALL-AT-ONCe is a bit 2 much.

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