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  1. i have a turtle beach earforce x11 but i need to get a new one lol
  2. it been two year and i like to say hi and how are all of you doing?

  3. steam:revsoldest xfire:revsoldest youtube.com/revsoldest1 (gameplay go see)
  4. i play WOW guild wars (some times) cod 2-3-4-waw-mw2-black ops ps2 dot have minecraft and i play alot of xbox andi have a razer naga for any mmorpg
  5. i like the death note i need to see the moive
  6. i am get a new pc lol it have processor of 3.0 ghz 3gb of ram and 500 gb of disk drive and a dvd rw play and the video card is 200 and some and i get it for free
  7. yep but we love the game so we will buy it lol
  8. lol me to i go to be 18 on 9/3 and i'm going to buy one more dot hack game but were i live dot hack// quarantine $40.?? lol
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