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  1. The amount of polys it adds depends on how large the displacement map is, most of the time it's negligible. The extra geometry is only needed if you were going to use something like displacement maps. Having 15,000 polys for that model is still quite a bit more than it should have, but most of the time it isn't going to be rendering that if it were in a game. There's tons of things devs do to make sure it only renders what needs to be rendered, LOD being the most common. If you were importing this into a game engine, you could combine LOD and displacement maps by having it render different si
  2. http://www2.zbrushcentral.com/uploaded_from_zbc/200307/user_image-1059270299uhg.gif This says it all really. Just because you are using a large amount of polys in the modelling stage doesn't mean that it has to end up having that many polys when it's exported.
  3. Try putting some bump-maps on things like the brickwork. Also try subdividing the whole model, it will give you more polys to work with. One last thing, can you post some renders with Ambient Occlusion and Anti-Aliasing applied?
  4. So, I'm currently designing a replacement shell for Windows. I wanted something more minimalist and something a bit cleaner (Something without the system resource hog that is the 'Aero' interface.) This is what I currently have: (Warning, pretty large image. 1920x1080px to be exact.) Any comments or ideas would be appreciated. I have no idea how I'm going to finish this seeing as I can't code in any of the C languages.
  5. I used FL Studio to make all of those but I've moved onto Ableton. I only use FL to load my old project files so they can be copied across to Ableton now. I'll post some of my Ableton creations once I get my new PC.
  6. So, I'm still making music. Here's some little tid-bits that I've done. I can't do anything too solid at the moment because of my PC and it's lack of a good processor. Wildfire: (The quality on this one isn't so great.) Contradictions WIP: Emi's Melody WIP: (My most recent)
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