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Keyword thread! ^^


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Since The World is out, we might as well get exploring.

Post all the keywords for areas you have found here, but be sure to use spoiler tags, incase some people don't want the surprise ruined, they just want to contribute!

"Sun" Warps you to the Sun Spire


(Just incase you think I have gone mad, you have to highlight the inside of the spoiler :D )

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Hulle Granz Cathedral keyword is "MST".

There, now you can all go hang out there or something.

It's not like the means of finding it is challenging, it's just time-consuming. Keeping that a secret would be pointless :D

MST??? wtf, is that from the game or something?

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It's either play what little there is now while you wait for updates, or have no release at all until we make it complete so such problems as not being able to do much are solved, but of course in the mean time you wouldn't be able to complain about there not being much to do in game, as you wouldn't be playing it in the first place :P

Sorry there's barely any content yet, but while we try hard to give you more and more content you'll be able to enjoy the game as it comes into existance as far as practically possible. I hope :D

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