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Keyword thread! ^^


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Guest Fexx007


I am new here and i think ist a great idea to make this game,

but, i just have got 3 areas at the chaos portal, and 1 called "Hulle Granz Cathedral",

this is my Keyword List:

-"Sol Areia" Square -> SOL

-Sun Spire -> SUN

-Hulle Granz Cathedral -> MST

-Sinking Distant Holyground -> SDH


are there any more keywords/areas or aren't they developed yet ?

Sorry for my bad english, im am german.



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My internet likes to go haywire whenever I'm doing something important(like trying to play The World lol), and so far, I've gotten no opportunities to get on the actual game(due to missed chances to get on the server when it's actually online), but I can't wait to go hunting for new words. XD

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Wow,we're going good. Let's give the mappers more ideas for maps!!!

i dont mind that idea, especially if someone gives an idea, and a mapper takes it, but uses like 1% of the idea and then the idea giver is like omg no wai thats soo coolio. :D

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