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  1. I suggest you talk to Lelouch if you want to get involved in that, then :P. Thanks gm112. I'll ask him later.
  2. I was planning on hosting the New Year Party. Just as soon as I get the map maker :[ I deleted it by accident and the download doesn't seem to be working. Might seem there is a new download...
  3. I'm sorry I missed Christmas. I never got to spend it with you guys. Ultimately, it's my new wish. To someday spend Christmas again. Is there anyway you/I can make up for that? I'd really appreciate it.
  4. Exactly. If I want to put my maps here, they need to be compatible... Is there anyway I can get it?
  5. I'd like to know if there is a good map editor that I can use to submit my maps to this game. Would someone help?
  6. Hand over Aura's problems to the four chosen (Which could be known as the 1 Chosen in a few minutes)
  7. Ah. A dream that cannot be accomplished by only 1 chosen user. Ultima. The Chrono Trigger. I want to retrieve one. Ultima. At this moment, come to the Rebirth Chamber and we must conference together... * Seeya. Shuko The Chosen Guardian * I see as of now, Aura is doing her best to survive. The Wish of the Goddess.. I promised I would bring her back into existance. Once so is accomplished, I will replace IRNA with Aura using the Chrono Triggers. Using the Rebirth Machine, that is. We need to figure out what the Rebirth Machine is and how to use it. It is the mission of the four chosen and the usage of the Chrono Triggers.
  8. Hello All. I am back to bring back peace into this [World]. The Aura's Guardian is back!
  9. ^ ^ ^ *Bandwagon* I like to think that there simply are several people who agree with my views on the matter at hand :3Btw: Ahahahahaha. C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-combo breaker. Not really. So ^ ^ I have quotes in a quote in a quote in a quote box, and another quote in another! SO WHAT NOW?! ------------- Anyway, If she sent the message to only the people in the Guardians of The Summoner Aura thing, then it means they must be false guardians. She is detesting them, and saying that we are the best choices for her guardians.
  10. The Heroes of the Twilight are the ones aura chose to save her. Here they are: Crim Shuko Ovan Princess Rei ------------- We are her guardians.
  11. It seems I might be apart of her main intentions.
  12. +New Messages Added+ Thanks Guys. As she continues to send this information, I'll keep editing.
  13. Im in your guild from now on. Meet me in game
  14. Erm.. Ovan. If you quest for the twilight, I will with you. I also have questions for you as well :D This Key of The Twilight. I believe it's real. Aura has been contacting me for a while. I believe now is the time to help her.
  15. New Messages Added! --------- I even got another reply!
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