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Keyword thread! ^^


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sorry for get you guys mad  and for all the  new player of the world here are the name of the 10 map in the world

sol areia square

sun spire

hulle granz cathedrel

sinking distant holyground

hulle granz cathedrel...

gate de berg

chaos gate

rebirth chamber

neo d'ark di fede

far chosen desting

wha... two cathedrals o.O?

I've been not-playing far too long...

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70 3nd |1f3 y0u mu57 60 f0r7h 0n 7h3 p47h 0f d4rkn35.  there a hint a lil hard to figyerout i think. put it in 1337 to make it a little harder.

Litteral translation: To end life you must go forth on the path of darknes.  The only difference is one letter, which might be a typo- or a literal hint.  And, he said the hint was in the translated text, not the L33t text.  "Put it in 1337 to make it a little harder."  Just to be safe, check the L33T Text. :D

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