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  1. Zfish9

    ban game

    I lost the game ( '.' ) Again :ohmanohgod:
  2. Now that i've seen the 2nd season of Higurashi, I have to say that the Higurashi anime beats the Soul Eater Anime. however, I get the feeling it's becasue Higurashi is my current obsession. once a soul Eater remake is made, I'll probably obsess over that again.
  3. My top 5 (updated!) 1. Soul Eater 2. Higurashi no naku koro ni (Starting 2nd season now.) 3. Darker than Black (first season ranks 3rd anyway. 2nd however...) 4. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (only at episode 25. got distracted part way though) 5. D. Gray Man Others i've seen (no particular order): Cardcaptor Sakura Elemental Gelade Rave Master Yu-Gi-Oh Pokemon Bleach .hack//sign .hack//roots
  4. After a computer change, losing the link/not getting a new one, I found my way back! Woo! I fail at finding sites quickly!

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    2. Walnut


      Glad you found your way back!

    3. lelouchxLamperouge


      I end up memorizing site urls because I visit them so dam much.. so I don't know the feeling. but welcome back zfish

    4. hawthorneluke


      most browsers have the ability to sync bookmarks (and more, so you can access them from any pc, even one you formatted as long as you log in with the same account) so you'll never have that problem ever again :D

  5. *has not come to the site since july*

  6. I just recently watched all of D.Gray Man. I read the manga first, but the song in the entire 93rd episode alone made it worth it to me, even with the filler ark extra episodes letting you know the side characters
  7. Banned for internet rule 613, you can make any random new rule.
  8. Only if you have school/work. otherwise, mondqys are fine.

  9. Any new spot I can find. Which I am currently failing at finding three. *Continues searching*
  10. There are also: Snowy Field Sinking Distant Holyground? Saint Valentines Day.
  11. look for the sign that says Look beyond the labrinth. the "typo" should tell you what it is.
  12. Banned because i'm too asleep/sick to understand a word of that.
  13. seeing how "soon" is a relative term, it might take awhile.
  14. PT Fc: 2321-5009-5713 HG Fc: 1935-4617-5151 SS Fc: 4727-1909-4797 When can we trade tomorrow?
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