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  1. Its Ape XD And it was 0.0 Look at the white parts closely and you'll see.
  2. Umm its pretty awesome but you should really use white paper for it and not lined.
  3. I got my video store to buy them for me :D I just had to pay the 1 dollar to rent them ^.^/
  4. Yes probably..... You cant amuse anyone is a Event Chara or a special Chara by them typing "ejtehfr4hlkvn4rnvv"
  5. Click on pic Who has played F.E.A.R project origin? I'm planing to buy it with a PS3.
  6. I really don't get the motorcycle one........ In my opinion the best was he first season.
  7. omg, samurai jack was just too awesome of a show... but i managed to watch all of sign on toonami. i wish i had a bit more money last month, then i would have been able to get all the .hack//sign episodes dvd things for about $30.. (i thought it would have been a deal :D) Keep on topic >.< It's a topic of .hack//backgrounds. Not samurai jack ^.^/
  8. At the ending of very episode shes nude 0.0 Its the silhouette pic Of course at the end of I think .hack//Gift Subaru, BT and Mimiru are nude in a hot spring ....
  9. I think Haseo's X form is ridiculous...(But plates XD)
  10. Well kakome kakome is a game children play in japan (Only example i found >.<|)
  11. it was OK It got me traumatized..... Everything i see someone i think there heads are going to blow up in a horrible bloody mess. />.<
  12. ~Kagome, Kagome, the bird in the cage, when will you come out? In the evening of the dawn, the crane and turtle slipped. Who stands right behind you now?~ Good Drawing |'0'|
  13. Pokemon is repetitive....I don't know how old Ash is now and Pikachu still sucks at its attacks.....thout after so many years he would be the strongest in the world XD And yugioh....well....Got tired of the same card games always.....oh well. ^0^/
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