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It's the I'm posting in this topic everyday topic!


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11:16 PM May 15th so i can post in a couple of hours and post 2 would still count!


i'm trying to post on the forum everyday, even if no one else is!

May 16th 10:16 I beat Uncharted 4, it was a pretty good game. Slowly playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Beat the E4 again.

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Indeed. Also this just in, Wally is a furry



Oh Nutmeg!


The jig is up. The secret is out.

Everything's been solved. It's time to wrap it up, folks.

We're done.




sorry guys, but i just farted



My Actual post for today:


Uncharted 4 Multiplayer is fun as long as i'm not sucking at it. Witcher 3 is long haha.

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This feels so weird


All the contents here should be years old, but how could someone beat uncharted 4 years ago?

What's going on?


It's especially weird since the temp forum stuff was saved as well so the past and present have all just converged into one. I'm just gonna start accepting that time has no meaning here.



The Speedforce.


Post for today. Played more Uncharted 4 multiplayer, people were absorbing shit.


I never got into the Uncharted series (I shared an xbox360 with my sister for all of last gen :x) are they worth picking up? Planning on buying a ps3 sometime soon now that I have a job :P

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Happy late birthday FISSURE!



Thanks luke :D

Happy late birthday KATIE


Haha thanks Geem!


Post for June 1st, posting a bit late.


Played Marakesh in Hitman, it's an ok level. Getting closer to E3!


Post for June 2nd


Rockstar is making tons of money off of the microtransactions on GTA Online. Shit's crazy.

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