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  1. post for december 16th 2021! i keep thinking of the girl i had a crush on 20+ years ago.
  2. post for january 26th 2021! played ac! Awesome geem, good luck bud!
  3. post for january 22nd 2021! played ac! Hell yeah, congrats geem! Yes ahahaha, now that you know the true meaning of sleep you can never go back! I didn't know we had one geem-sama.
  4. post for january 13th 2021! playing some ac!
  5. post for January 12th 2021! played ac! yes we are geem!
  6. post for january 7th 2021! played ac, i forgot it's 2021
  7. post for january 3rd 2020! played some ac! happy new years geem!
  8. post for january 2nd 2021! played some ac! happy new years lukey!
  9. post for jan 1st 2021! happy new years played some ac! interesting in deed geem! amazing geem sama
  10. post for december 29th 2020! played a little ac
  11. post for december 28th 2020! played some ac! the immortals fenyx rising game, it be fun fuck yeah clothes rule! nice geem, sounds good. you coding master!
  12. post for december 27th 2020! played ac today! sorry i'm late geem-san! i was looking forward to a game and clothes, got them ^_^. what about you geem?
  13. post for december 21st 2020! played ac! no probs my geem! sounds good
  14. post for december 18th 2020! played some ac! thank you for fixing the social security licorice issues geem! amazing you are such a poet.
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