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It's the I'm posting in this topic everyday topic!


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Post for June 28th!


Beat Omega Quintet, i might try for the annoying true ending.Dammit Dream Team.

Post for June 29th!


Damn some enemies in Dream Team are annoying. The controls in RE5 confuse me, i have to get used to them again. Lords of The Fallen is a hard game O_O.

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Post for June 30th!


Ugh fuck the giant battles in dream team. So damn sick of them.


Level grinding in Omega Quintet woo.

Post for July 1st!


Oh Dream Team,  gotta find some pillo's.


Gotta raise them affection levels in Omega Quintet, gonna try to get the Platinum on it.

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Post for July 4th.


Got to it late lol.


Started my NG+ of Omega Quintet, gotta make sure i don't miss the items or quests.

Post for July 5th.


Gotta remember to try and complete every quest in Omega Quintet, i'll have to make sure i've completed all the ones up until episode 5 so far.


Another Giant Battle in Dream Team, i kind of want to hurt myself right now.

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Post for July 6th!


Got my copy of Persona Q, hopefully i like it. I'll dive in once i actually beat Mario and Luigi Giant Battle... i mean Dream Team.


My god the Order Breaks in Omega Quintet are annoying. Shit is crazy.



i got grandia 2 anniversary edition on steam during the summer sale. yeahhhh


Nice, Grandia 2 is a great game, and you got it on sale, freaking score man.

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Post for July 7th!


At the final dungeon in Dream Team. Currently in Chapter 8 of Omega Quintet Advanced Mode, i've done all the quests up until this point. The Order Breaks are freaking annoying.



yeah. im pretty stoked.


Is this your first time playing Grandia 2?

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Late post for July 8th because fuck the final boss in Dream Team.


Taking a break and starting Persona Q. In Chapter 9 of Omega Quintet, gotta overlevel for some sidebosses.

Post for July 9th!


Started Persona Q, it's ok so far. My character is using up all my monies all ready healing.


At the true ending route in Omega Quintet, gonna level up a character.

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Post for July 10th.


I officially Hate Omega Quintet, thanks game devs >:(


Currently in the first dungeon in Persona Que, still wasting all my Macca on healing. Stop charging to heal me Margaret you punk.


Map Drawing sucks, go basic auto map!

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Post for July 12th!


I just realized my last two posts said June.


Omega Quintet is getting shit annoying. I'm getting that macca in Persona Q, enemies dropping Materials like heck.



yes, first time playing grandia... technically. i have it on dreamcast(burnt edition) and played a small chunk, but that was it. :p derp on me for stopping.


Nice, yeah i've stopped many a games i've pirated lol. Hopefully you enjoy the game this time :D.

Post for July 13!


Beat the first dungeon in Persona Q, i like the game. On Training Floor 10 on Omega Quintet.

Post for July 14th!


I gotta charge my 3DS, upgraded my characters equipment in Persona que.


Beat the Training Floor 10 boss in Omega Quintet.

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Post for July 15th!


Did some requests for Elizabeth in Persona Que,, my skills keep upgrading >.<.


Beat the Training Floor 11 boss in Omega Quintet.


Edit: Just realized it's my two month Anniversary of this topic, huzzah!

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Post for July 21st!


Got the Platinum on Omega Quintet finally.


Beat the 2nd dungeon in Persona Q, game is fun.



i started playing final fantasy theatrythm curtain call again. i like that game. i got the chrono trigger and world ends with you music on it.


Nice, i tried the demo for that, it was pretty fun. Nice Chrono Trigger and TWEWY. Have you seen "I am Setsuna", it looks like a Chrono Trigger style game.

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Post for July 22nd!


Dungeon 3 in Persona Q is freaky.


Apparently i missed bottles in Lords of The Fallen so i went back and collected some. Now i have more Potions Woo!.


Sega announced a new sonic. Sonic Mania, it looks ok.

Post for July 23rd!


Apparently i beat the wrong boss in Lords of the Fallen, oops i wasn't suppose to fight it yet.

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