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Apeiron Knights Rules

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the apeiron knights must look here for information on the rules of the apeiron knights, please note that if Lady Rei of the Apeiron Knights wants anything changed to these rules, simply contact me through the game, im normally on some time from 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM on the game during the week, on weekends im probly not on very often, possibly from 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM.(note: these rules do not take place until the battle and level up system comes into place.) all knights must be at lv.10 or higher to join, when the battle system has just came out, we shall temporary disband the guild until the main branch(Lady Rei and myself) have reached this minimum level. then we will re-ban the guild(possibly under a different name). all knights are required to have a Gold Armored uniform, the armor has not been set yet since the proper creation screen isn't currently made. all knights are required to have some variation of the heavy axeman(flick reaper in R:2). knights are not required to wear their uniform until called on duty by Lady Rei or myself, but must always have a side name clearly stating that they are Apeiron Knights(EX: Apeiron Knights, Knights of Apeiron, etc.), this is to ensure that when players are in need, they know where to find us. Apeiron Knights who break any of these rules shall receive punishments as follows.

1. WARNING, you will be warned of your actions and what will happen if you continue to break the rules.

2.SUSPENSION, you will be suspended from The Apeiron Knights for 10 days minimum.and must put SUSPENSION on your side name.

3.if you continue to break the rules after suspension, you will be banned from the knights on the spot, and your name will be put on a ban list, so you can never re join the guild.

please note that we are not admins and are not above the law, so dont disobey the system rules either.

if a new player wants to join, he/she must post here and give their game name and uniform character name CLEARLY, so as not to mistake someone for someone else.

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like it said above, the knights will have a temporary disband until the main branch, Lady Rei and myself, have reach the minimum level of 10, so basicly we have to start from scratch again, but it could overall make the knights stronger then ever.

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Guest BobRaygen

you know me, i am Mareo. And i will join,

EDIT: hmm mabe ill reconsider, yes that is right i change my mind(as in i won't jion)(EVER){MABEY}=^-^=

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Ohs.... . . . I guess that makes sense.

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Please don't put the Level cap to 9!!!! TT-TT

Hahaha >:D lol

so, is this for this game here that is being made? and if so, does that mean there will be player killing? (this all just gets more and more interesting as i look through these forums)

Yes and yes :P

It WILL take some time to get that far though. Still got a lot of other basic features to go through (mainly character creation, items, stats etc) before the most important battle system will be up and running. But it will be here, and it will be good :P

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omg, im so already hooked on this. not that im saying im going to be a horrible person and player kill.. thats just not my style. which also makes me wonder, are we going to be able to have shops and guilds?

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